Reciprocal Link Exchange – Getting The Killer Results

New businesses start out with a lot of vigor when it comes to website promotion. However, after a while, they tend to fall back and find it difficult to promote their website. This article details on how to tackle the reciprocal link exchange with ease.

Search for related websites:
I use Arelis software to search the web for potential candidates. You can search based on your keyword(s) to find sites of interest. eg., if you run a business site, you can search for “Business link exchange” and pull the results from Arelis. Visit each site and make sure it has at least a PR or 4 or more. The higher the PR, the better your chances of being placed on a page which will have a decent PR. Remember it is the quality of links that matter, not quantity.

Request a link:
Arelis can pull the email address from the sites. From within Arelis, it is easy to send a note to the webmaster requesting a link. Webmasters who agree for link exchange will either upload your link or send you their code. Promptly add their code to your link page and write back.

The next time around you can search for a different keyword in Arelis ex “Credit link exchange” and then pull the results. Arelis can pull a maximum of 5000 results. You might want to leave your PC on while the process is running.

Verify links:
Arelis also has a built in feature to verify your active links. Once a week, make sure you verify all your link partners. If you find your link is missing, promptly notify the webmaster.

Relevant linking:
Link to relevant sites only. Ex, if you have a debt consolidation business, focus your link exchange campaign on debt consolidation, debt counseling, debt management and credit repair sites. True, each site will pass PR but related sites will pass more PR. Using software allows you to search for links, send notifications, as well as verify links in a heartbeat. The time you save can be used to gain more links or concentrate on other aspects of your business.

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