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Are You a Blogger?

What is a Blog?Glad you asked! You can get your very own for FREE by visiting:HeartlandOutdoorsman.Com # A short form for weblog, a personal journal published on the Web. Blogs frequently include philosophical reflections, opinions on the Internet and social issues, and provide a “log” of the author’s favorite web links. Blogs are usually presented […]

Avoid “Bad” Manners While Blogging

© Jim Edwards – All Rights reserved Blogging, the hottest trend in online publishing right now,is currently spreading like wildfire across the Internet. A cross between an online journal and a bulletin board,everyone from rock starts, politicians, business leadersand your average “Joe” or “Jane” can instantly become acenter of influence online using blogs. But, […]

Blog Construction

Blogs like all forms of writing are an art form that takes knowledge and practice to do well. Writing…Blogs…Blogs are on-line journals where people express themselves through writing. Writing…Writing is the process where one puts down words of a language on a format that others can read. This process has not been around very long, […]

Blog It And They Will Come.

If you’re hoping for a “Blog it and they will come” field ofdreams, you can forget that. Recent statistics from blogsearch engine Technorati show that a new blog hits theInternet every 7.8 seconds! Sheesh, talk about having torise above the noise level to be heard, how in the world areyou going to get eyeballs glued […]