How Non-technical Webmasters Are Harnessing the Power of RSS…

Ron Hutton

The opportunity to quickly and easily implement and harness the power of RSS is quite real and new programs become available every week that allow non-technical marketers and webmasters to capitalize on the effective use of RSS.

Jim Edwards spoke of this trend in the recent “For a Greater Cause” teleseminar. Media-rich blogs and content sites are stickier and keep visitors on site longer.

Consider delivering audio content via the internet by setting up a blog and incorporating streaming audio. By doing so, your media-rich message creates a relationship with visitors that cannot be achieved with text alone.

If you’d like to take this one step further, start using video content. It’s the difference between reading a flyer versus listening to the radio versus watching television. Why do people gravitate to the TV when every home has a radio? When presented with the option, we prefer the satisfaction of both the auditory and visual senses.

The real power of blogs, audio and video is that you can invite your visitors to participate and interact with you by allowing them to post comments. Your blog becomes a community event and we all love a party.

If you’ll be using the strategy of blogging with audio and video, there are three things that you should do.

First, as mentioned above, allow your visitors to post comments to your blog.

Second, always give visitors the opportunity to sign up for your newsletter or ezine directly from your blog.

Third, for those who prefer to receive news via RSS feeds, post your RSS feed on every page of your blog.

Recorded interviews with industry experts fed via podcast can raise your credibility simply by association. Arrange for a phone interview with an expert in your market area, get permission to record the call and post it to your blog. If you’re offering publicity and exposure for the interviewee, it should be simple to find willing and eager parties.

RSS offers you the ability to provide high frequency content updates. It can be daily or hourly. Deliver important messages, news and other content on demand rather that waiting for your regularly scheduled e-zine.

What’s next?…

Here’s where things get fun for the online marketer and webmaster. One area in particular where you can really start to take advantage of RSS technology is to build sticky content on your sites and monetize it with programs like Google’s Adsense.

RSS feeds are available in abundance that provide product news, press releases and updates. Sites such as PRWeb ( want you to use their news feeds on your site. So why not? Build your site’s content with news and information feeds that deliver steady streams of traffic.

Do a bit of searching and you’ll find programs and scripts that make the addition of RSS feeds to your website very simple and fast.

RSS gives you an edge over your competition by allowing you to create a sense of community, offer interaction and provide the latest news and information nearly on autopilot.

About the author:

Ron Hutton is a 20 year sales and marketing veteran with a passion for coaching and training. To watch a free video tutorial on how RSS was used in one little experiment to generate an extra $100 in Adsense income in 2 weeks (10 days actually), go here now…

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