How To Write eBay Auction Descriptions That Get Bids

The first thing you need to do is write an auction title.

This is the most important part of your auction. If your title doesn’t interest anyone no-one will read your ad.

You could have written the most compelling auction description ever written. But unless anyone reads it you’ll get no sales.

All professional ad writers agree that the title is 9x more important than the ad itself. Before you read a newspaper article, what’s the first thing you read?

That’s right. The headlines. Only when a headline interests you will you attempt to read the actual article.

The most effective way of coming up with the best title

The best way is follow the 100-1 rule. First write 100 titles then pick the best one. Why?

Professional writers do this because 100 seems to exhaust all possible titles. You’ll find when you’ve finished that the best one jumps off the page at you.

Try it! It works. It takes time but nothing comes without effort. And the results will outweigh the work.

There is however a better way that I stumbled across. This method is used by one of the most successful writers on the web.

He simple asks a special question that just gets headlines flooding from your fingers. I must say, it works like magic. He always gets his headline in less than 5 minutes. And what’s more, always gets amazing results. Everytime!

Sorry I’m not going to reveal that question here, because I’ve included it in my best-selling ebook about ad writing. And it would result in less sales, because that would be one of the main reasons people are buying it. Amongst others.

How to write the auction description.

Your description is the part that needs to get the person to place a bid. So you better make sure it’s persuasive.

Just about everyone reads the first paragraph. If this doesn’t grab em, then they’ll quickly leave and look for other auctions.

The best first paragraph is always the one that grabs the imagination. When they read it they should see themselves with your item. A bit like the car salesman who gets you to sit in the vehicle.

Hopefully you’ve done a good job of that so now they begin reading the rest of your ad.

People want to see the benefits of owning your item. So you need to show all the benefits of having your offering.

You also need to present the benefits in a certain way. The best way I’ve found for presentation is shown in my book. It always gets the best response whenever I do this in my auctions.

If possible you should always use a photo. When people see what your offering they’re much more happy to buy.

So to summarise…

Get the auction title right. This is the most important part by far.

Use a powerful opening paragraph.

Present all the benefits of your item.

If possible use photos.

About the author:

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ian Stables shows eBay sellers the best ways to get extra bids to their auctions in his ebook “The 37 Effective eBay Ad Writing Secrets.

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