Is It Possible To Make Money From Blogging?


Do you have a Blog or Personal Online Journal? If the answer is yes, did you know that it’s possible to earn money from your Blog? I earn plenty from my own Blogspots – maybe not enough to think of retiring in the near future, but enough to allow me some extra luxuries in life and who knows how much I’ll be earning in a few years or even just a few months!

I love writing Blogs because I love passing on information that I’ve researched myself. Best of all, I only spend a couple of hours each week writing on my blogspots – I spend several more hours researching information because I also love to learn and believe that no matter how much I think I know about a subject, there’s always new stuff to learn – I’m a bit of an information junkie!!

If you already know plenty about a particular subject then it won’t take long at all to write a few paragraphs about it and have your blog up and running. Obviously, writing about what you love helps because, in the beginning, the money you earn is a bonus rather than an income that will allow you to give up your day job. Mind you, I’ve read about many people that earn fantastic incomes from their blogs so maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones that can give up the day job in the very near future.

Search engines visit blogs so your site will probably get listed quickly – Google actually own so if you want traffic this is a good site to start your blog on. It’s a good idea to also insert GoogleAdSense and even a Google Search box because you’ll also earn money when any of your visitors decide to click an ad or do a search – more bonus cash for little effort. Blogger also has a tool that you can use to notify all the search engines when you update your site. Make no mistake, this is a very powerful tool because the search engines take a look at your blog and follows the links to other websites. This makes getting listed on the top search engines like Google a breeze.

Another way to make cash from your blog is to add a few affiliate links – find products that fit in with the theme of your blog, sign up as an affiliate, put a link on your blog and hopefully watch some more bonus cash roll in – again, it’s simple but effective! If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing then let me tell you right now that this is an extremely good earner. I usually get my affiliate links at, and so pay them a visit and get some links to get started.

I recently set up 2 new blogspots and you are welcome to take a look by visiting and These are 2 completely different subjects but I’m really interested in both so enjoyed creating them.
I also post my monthly JC Newsletter at and always invite people to take a look at the current JCN before signing up.

I’m not worried about getting competition from anyone looking at my blogs – there’s more than enough blogs, niche markets, etc. to go round and if it helps you get ideas then that’s great. Remember I’ve already stated that “I love writing Blogs because I love passing on information that I’ve researched myself.”

Another way to get traffic to your blog is to ask visitors to sign up to your own newsletter and then send them a link each time you make a new post. – once a week is plenty otherwise they may get fed up with you bombarding their inbox.

That’s about all there is to it – it’s quick, it’s easy and it has the potential to earn you a fairly decent income. If you have the time to spare then don’t stop at one blog because the more sites you have the more visitors you’ll get and the more money you’ll earn.

There are many people earning a very good living writing their blogs. The biggest tips are to find niche areas that not many others are promoting, get some affiliate links and some good quality content information. Remember to add GoogleAdSense and possibly a Google search box to your site and then just check your visitors and earnings each day.

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