When Scintilating Near Nudity On eBay Pays You Well !

A little ole lady hits it big on the red light district on eBay

It may cause undue stress in their marriage unfortunate as that is. The fact that she cant remember where the other four are or the suspicion that they were broken by her husband – perhaps a remiss act, while washing dishes, that was hidden in the trash can long ago. But, regardless, the where abouts of the other four had been a contentious debate in the household
ever since – well ever since that truly ugly Tiki cup sold on eBay last night for $118.00 and the backup bidder bought the other for $115.00. Yes, Miss Penny, aka, pennycopper22 (87) made one of those great sales on eBay that you hear about and wonder what on earth is this? The next Beanie Baby craze? So where are the other four Tiki mugs she
just knows they had at one time?

Yes, another Seller hit pay dirt on Ebay. Well, it was a sale. And a good one. With a probable
investment of a quarter at a yard sale too many years ago to recall – this was a good “sale” and
even better in todays depressed market. It actually sold – unlike a lot of other items
out there in auctionland at the present time.

Miss Penny has been on my Appraisals and Expert Help group for several years now. We have never met. But that does not stop a good online friendship forming. Somewhere along the way she got the eBay ‘bug’ and got to selling a few things here and there. Actually, she has been selling on eBay for five years now – how time flies when your having fun. Mostly Wedgwood, she loves Wedgewood. But also has an interest in Jasperware and Pfaltzgraff Pottery, Travel, and Cooking. She has expanded her repertoire of computer skills to include her own website, Penny’s Pantry . Not bad for a little ole lady – its amazing how this eBay bugs heightens the desire to succeed in a world before unknown. Now Penny is expanding her horizons and she is going to be in charge of the CSV uploads and downloads on iCell.biz – currently she is working on the O-SAN.net – The Open-Source Auction Network files, Auction Site Alliance Program , and the Auction Network USA. Who would have thought that two little ole fuddy duddy’s like Penny and I would be working on facilitating our sales thru channeled auction communities and optimized search engines all those years ago when we were using on the wall wooden crank telephones on party lines?

Penny is of a generation, like I, that had not even heard of computers in school, let alone college. But here she is, all these years later in retirement, and out pandering on eBay. Oh what would Miss Daisy Mae have to say about that at the afternoon tea parties of ages gone bye. But its the odds and ends on eBay that bring strife to this household in this modern age – just where are those other four cups with a naked nymph on them anyway?

As the listing prices rose on eBay Penny expanded her horizons to include: iCell.biz, BidChaser.com, eBuysUSA.com, Bidville.com, iOffer.com, OldandSold.com. To some degree of success, she has listed on all hoping to find a niche where the listing costs are within the confines of the price of the product, where she has customer support, and she does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the billing each month.

But last night, yes, last night, she hit pay dirt. Well it would be paydirt if she could remember where those other four mugs are. The search is on. The cupboards are being searched
high and low and it just has to be the hubby – yes he must have put them somewhere obscure. How
tough is it to find four very dusty Tiki mugs resplendent with a naked lady on them – all the while of dubious quality china. Yes, a little ole lady hit paydirt on the red light district of eBay last night. Did anyone notice? Surely you did not miss this hotly contested little item?
But where are those other four mugs – that is the four hundred dollar question today?

About the author:

Kathleen Johnson founded the Yahoo Group Appraisals and Expert Help group for assisting people with their antique appraisals and merchandising questions several years ago, and she still offers those services today.  Kathleen is also under contract to Primedia Inc to Moderate the Allexperts Board at About.inc. For many years she worked as a registered expert on Yahoo Experts, Keen, AskMe and Allexperts. Kathleen continues to write articles on online facilitation but is currently working full time on the iCell.biz platform as it goes thru Beta testing.

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