Advertising Ideas for office cleaning business

Advertising Ideas for office cleaning business

Even if you have built an ultra efficient state-of-the-art home office,
polished your image with the finest of Armani suits, equipped yourself
with the newest cell phone, PDA and laptop, and drafted the most exemplary
of business plans, you are not going to go anywhere in the business world
without some entities to do business with.

“how to secure cleaning contracts”
Establishing your clientele can be the most time consuming and intellectually
challenging part of the office cleaning business or any other business.
There are many issues and approaches to consider, and like many other
challenges in life, there is no one single way to go about it. Everyone will
have their own methods for acquiring business that will work well for them,
but most businesspeople will agree that taking a multi-tiered or multi-pronged
approach is the best way to go about it. That is, don’t “put all your eggs
in one basket”, so to speak, when approaching the cleaning business advertising
issue. To be successful, you will need to do “a little bit of this” and a
“little bit of that” as they say.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Although it can be costly in some forms, advertising is perhaps the most
common form of marketing and self-promotion. Television ads and full-page
spreads in mainstream publications will most likely be out of your reach
(unless Donald Trump is funding your consultancy), but there are plenty of
other more affordable options out there. Like we have mentioned before, it
is all about getting more “bang for your buck”, so it will be in your best
interest to maximize on your advertising dollar. Advertising in local
magazines or the local newspaper can be cost effective when addressing
certain demographics. Purchasing a short prime time spot on the radio is
another method, but costs several orders of magnitude more than print to get
across its message. When done properly, radio can be an awesome advertising
vehicle, I also call this “The next step in advertising”.

Perhaps the most significant “bang for your buck” outlet for your advertising
dollar is the web. Web sites are very affordable (even free if you know what
you are doing). A web site is an excellent method of advertising because you
can attract many entities on a global scale (a little search engine optimization
can garner 1000s of page views a day) and you can reach the widest audience
possible (potentially, anyone with an internet connection). Be sure to print up
a healthy portion of business card and in addition to land-line telephone,
mobile phone and fax numbers make sure the URL (uniform resource locator) for
your web site is displayed prominently on the front of the card.

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