Did You Know That Coupons Help Track Your Advertising Dollar

It’s not just the cost of a product that is on the customer’s mind. Customers want to save money. They know that if they save a dollar, that’s another dollar still hidden in their pocket. All though there are still a big percentage of shoppers who do not utilize coupons, it certainly brings attention to the customers eyes when they see the possibility of saving another dollar. Coupons help visualize this savings to the customer.

Not only do coupons help bring attention to your business, but it helps track the productivity of your advertising dollars. Many business use “promotional codes” to help track their advertising dollars. If you are paying for advertising with various companies or websites, you should use a different promotional code with each advertiser so that you know which companies or websites are helping you produce the best results. This technique is particularly important for web-based businesses. If you have a brick and mortar business, customers will bring in their coupons, and you should be able to identify the source by either creating a promotional code or a distinct difference among the coupons that you create.

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Rhonda White

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