Sending out emails these days is fast becoming a joke. To achieve an order is getting harder and harder because of the large quantity of email needed to sent out, to secure an order,

My research has indicated that with a click thru rate of just 1% of all emails sent out, at a conversion rate of 2% – on average – one order should be achieved every 5,000 emails sent out. Keeping in mind that Spam filters block, at least 39% of emails being sent out. This means, if you can purchase 5,000 emails at $0.001 each, which equals $5 per 5,000 – and is very good value for money, providing you are selling a product or service for about $20. However, the click thru rate can fluctuate, depending on how good you are at writing headlines, to promote your product or service.

The reason why it’s necessary to send out so many emails, to secure an order, is because most people avoid quoting their prime email address, when submitting their website to directories or classifieds because usually once a website has been submitted to a directory of classifieds, the website owner receives hundreds of emails in return, within a short time, which is a little annoying. If people could be persuaded to use their prime email address when submitting their websites, the 1% click thru rate would increase dramatically because many more emails would be read, instead of being classed as junk mail and discarded, unread.

Recently I discovered two new programs that offered me the opportunity to submit my website and only receive one email in return, from each. The name of the programs are and – When I submitted my website via my prime email address free, to their comprehensive directory, I only received just one email in return, from both programs. and – also invited me to purchase 5,000 emails at a low purchase price of $5, which is $0.001 per email and send out my adverts via their own system.

Search-o-Rama and – are unique, quality and uncomplicated programs, with a first class easy to set up, affiliate program. There are also facilities for monitoring advert statistics i.e. click thru % rate ECT.

To submit your website free to – and – directories, please click the following links:

About the Author

Joseph Robert Neil James – resides in Warwickshire, England and is an author, husband, father, grand father, and Great Grand Father. Having spent many years in the “Direct Mail Advertising” business, whilst living with his wife and four children in Australia – joseph is now retired and enjoys working with his computer and reseaching with a Pendulum.

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