The Deception of FFA Advertising

FFA, or Free For All sites are the next generation of internet
marketing. Or at least that’s what many want you to believe.

FFA sites are places where anyone can post a short ad with a
link, as long as they agree to accept emails from the site owner.
Some of the most popular sites are


At first thought this seems like a remarkable way to advertise.
But, there are major problems here.

First off, the only way for the advertisement to work is for
people to visit the FFA site where it is posted. But the only
people it seems that visit these sites are those that post an ad.
To make matters worse, 99% of posts are done now through
autosubmiters. So who actually sees your ad? Absolutely no one.

You may have received emails from FFA site owners of claiming
that advertising via an FFA is worthless unless you actually own
the site. Their flawed reasoning (which I will explain shortly)
is that as the owner, you get to post your own ads on the site,
and better yet, collect the email addresses of everyone posting.
Moreover, you receive commissions on anyone signing up to
purchase an FFA site of their own.

But wait! It gets better. The same people will claim that when
submitting your ad, create a separate email account to store the
large number of autoresponder messages you will receive and other
advertisements. So, if you don’t want your primary email account
to fill up, create a secondary account and simply delete the
emails as they come in.

Now i’m really confused. If people who submit to my now owned and
paying monthly FFA site, create a secondary email address to
submit when posting, only to delete all of the advertisements
they receive, why exactly do I want their email address?

The entire logic of using FFA’s for increasing site traffic and
advertising is severely flawed. What’s even worse is that most
search engines rank these sites lowly if at all. So where
exactly then do you advertise your FFA site?

I performed a very simple test. I created a simple E-Zine sign up
form, separate from my site, and used a well known autosubmit
software to “Blast” my add to the entire FFA network, which
claimed millions of page views per day. Submission was done once
per day, at the same time for a period of 1 week. How many
responses? 1! A single response that did not even sign up.

FFA sites for advertising are worthless. You’ll hear many argue
that they work if your careful. I would like to believe it would.
Definitely easy to submit to and the exposure would be
phenomenal. The cold hard truth is that they do not.

Below are a few of what I find to be comical ad headlines posted
at FFA sites. Enjoy!

(1)”Get your classified ad in 5,000,000 emails and 111,000
websites everyday for free without spamming”. (If you follow the
link you find that what is being promoted is another FFA site!)

(2)”$1.67=massive income” (I wonder if they know that this is not
an equality?!)

(3)”Getting 5,000 opt-in leads daily.” (1 year amounts to
150,000 subscribers. Just about the population of a small town!)

(4)”Delivers an endless flood of traffic!” (Perpetual motion?!)

(5)”Retire in months for only $6!” (The state of Florida is about
to get an incredible population boost)

(6)”The secret to getting a million visitors to your site!”

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Dan J. Fry is an independent researcher and owner of, a site devoted to providing resources for small
budget home businesses. He has a PhD in Physics and is married
with two daughters and two cats. Subscribe to his free E-Zine on
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