The Power of Reverse Advertising

How many times have you heard that posting on FFA sites are a complete waste of time?

Are FFA sites really a complete waste of time? …Yes they are!

Then why do millions of people still post on FFA pages every single day of the year.

It sure beats me!

The ONLY people gaining from FFA sites are the people that ‘HOST’ them.

“WHY?”… I hear you ask. Well listen very carefully.

Everytime somebody wants to post on a FFA site, they have to receive an email confirmation and agree to receive ONE email from the person who hosts the FFA page.

So, let’s say I wanted to post on YOUR FFA page. I submit my link on your page and receive an email confirmation.

Now, apart from the confirmation link, can you guess what else may be in that confirmation email?

That’s right my friend… YOUR AD promoting YOUR product!

This is what’s known as ‘Reverse Advertising’ and is an ingenious form of advertising for the FFA host because it is a REQUIREMENT that they open your confirmation email sent to them by YOU, ‘the FFA host’, before their AD can be placed.

This doesn’t count towards your daily ad, so you can still send one MORE email to this lead. Therefore, the person who originally posted on your FFA page is now receiving YOUR ads.

Now imagine this… you OWN a couple of FFA sites that get thousands of posts every single day with your ads going out to thousands of people in the confirmation email as well as sending ONE daily email to your leads the day after.

You are receiving ‘guaranteed’ massive advertising by including your advertisement in the confirmation email.

This is exactly what I do and the other savvy marketers do to generate up to 50,000 targeted visitors every day and rake in thousands of sales every month.

This form of advertising is ‘Permission Based Advertising’ and allows YOU to email thousands of targeted prospects at NO charge and without ever being accused of spamming!

This my friend is “The Power of Reverse Advertising”.


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