11 Proven Methods For Maximizing Your Business (While You Sleep) By Using The Magic Of Autoresponders

Have you ever heard of the expression, “You’ll laugh all the way to the bank”?

Well people who’ve discovered the magic of autoresponders don’t even do that anymore, because when the money rolls in it’s automatically sent to their bank accounts…they just laugh!

If you don’t know what an ‘autoresponder’ is, it’s simply an ’email automatic responder’.

But the simplicity stops there, because autoresponders are probably the single greatest business innovation to happen since the birth of the Internet.

They have completely revolutionized what can be done.

And you can use them too, to make an instant impact on your business.

So here are eleven proven methods for maximizing your business, even when you’re fast asleep, using the magic of autoresponders.

1. Instead of answering every customer question that’s sent to you, publish a “Frequently Asked Questions” using your autoresponder. This saves you time, money and effort.

2. Use them like a library. Make all your past newsletters or promotional pieces available from your autoresponders. Visitors appreciate having access to your archives.

3. Create an email training course in several parts delivered by autoresponder. This automatically builds a relationship with your prospects which positively influences their decision to become your customers. To see an autoresponder training course in action send an email to trainingcourse@aweber.com and you’ll receive a course showing you the ’20 Quick Tips’ on how to use training courses to increase your traffic and sales.

4. Collect valuable customer satisfaction information by publishing a survey via autoresponder. People like to give their opinions and you benefit from this by knowing what your customers want.

5. Publish reports with your autoresponder. The reports should be related to your business or web site. Giving away good content will quickly increase your traffic. This gives you greater exposure, makes you an instant authority and ultimately results in more sales.

6. Provide instant customer acknowledgement to those who send you a message. Let the autoresponder message reassure them you have received their message and when to expect your reply.

7. Offer an e-book through your autoresponder in easy to read chapters. You could include promotional resource links covering each chapter of the book when delivered.

8. Create an index of all the information which is available from your autoresponders. Then set this up as an autoresponder to enable your customers to retrieve the particular information they are interested in.

9. Publish a complete list of all your products and services which you offer with their order forms and other sales material. Consider including a time sensitive discount coupon code in the autoresponder message to stimulate more sales.

10. Convert your entire web site into autoresponder format. Visitors may not want to stay online reading web pages. Give them the option of downloading all the information from your autoresponder to print off and read at their leisure.

11. Upload all your testimonials, endorsements and articles to your autoresponder if you don’t have space in your advertising copy. The more interactive you make the experience for your prospects the more sales you will likely make.

Now that you have eleven sure-fire ways to use autoresponders in your business, the most pressing consideration is how to implement them without it becoming a headache.

As with any vital business operation, rock solid reliability is the most important factor when choosing what kind of autoresponder solution to go for.

In autoresponder terms this is deliverability of your messages and information. There’s little point using autoresponders if what you send out ends up in a virtual black-hole because of vicious Internet Service Providers’ anti-spam filters.

That’s why when choosing how to implement autoresponders in your business you must check on the solutions deliverability.

It is the absolute key for a service you can put your trust in.

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