“7 Secrets to Explode your eBook Sales!” Part 2

Secret #2: Creating your Marketing Timeline for Success!


You can increase your sales and free time by creating
your own marketing timeline. Marketing timelines are
essential for all Internet businesses. They provide
not only organization but a truly well defined goal
sheet as well.

To understand your timeline is to understand your
business. Can you really know where you are going
if you don’t have a goal? I think not! Can you
really tell how well you are doing if you are not
logging your results? I think not again! Can
you really tell what your profit margin is at
this moment and will be next month at this time
without tracking your sales, goals and future plans?

Well I think you know my answer by now.

There is tons of internet marketing “How To”
infiramtion online. However have you noticed very
few people teach you how to organize your information?
Well, now you will know.

My marketing timelines include: goals present and
future, Action plans for today and tomorrow as well
as next month, and last but definitely not least
you have a sales tracker as well.

Ok. Now take out a sheet of paper, and for computer
lovers, open up your word processing program.

Let’s begin with our goal sheet.

On top of the page in BIG letters type:
Goal Sheet – Short Term

Now grab another piece of paper, or another page,
and on the top of that one in BIG letters type:
Goals – Long Term

Next page write in BIG letters:
Action Steps – Short term
And another page in BIG letters:
Action Steps – Long term

One last page in BIG letters write: SALES

Now you have the foundation you need to begin really
understanding your ebusiness as it grows and matures.

Grab a file folder, or on the computer, make a file
folder that says: “Marketing Timeline.” This folder
will hold all your files.

Page one: Short term Goals: Make 3 columns.
Column 1: Date
Column 2: Goal
Column 3: Date completed Goal

Page two: Goals – Long Term: Make 3 columns.
Column 1: Date
Column 2: Goal
Column 3: Date Completed Goal.

Page 3: Action Plans short term: Make 3 columns.
Column 1: Date.
Column 2: Action Steps.
Column 3: Date Completed Action Steps.

Page 4: Action Plans – Long term: Make 3 columns.
Column 1: Date.
Column 2: Action Steps.
Column 3: Date Completed Action Step.

Page 5: Sales tracking – Make 3 columns:
Column 1: date
Column 2: Sales
Column 3: Continuing Total.

I can hear a lot of you out there groaning,
“there must be a way to automate this!” and yes
there is! However, I want you to do it manually
when you first start your ebusiness. I have found that
this will not only show you how you are doing and where
you are and what has to be done to get to where you
want to go. It also helps to seat all the information
in your unconscious brain. Walla! Automating the Brain!

Really, I am serious. By doing this manually you will
learn a lot more in the beginning and not have to learn
it as you go along. For those of you that can’t wait
to automate, I have included links to a lot of
automated services and software in my eBook:
“eBook Marketing Secrets Revealed.”

Have a great week!

Bluedolphin Crow

Bluedolphin Crow – All Rights Reserved.


Bluedolphin Crow Ph.D. is a Native American with 6 years
internet Marketing Experience and 20 years Sales and
Marketing experience. The above article is an excerpt
from her upcoming eBook: eBook-Marketing-Secrets-Revealed!
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