5 Killer Ways To Explode Your Opt In List

Your Opt In list is the life-blood of your business. What better way can there be than having thousands of people to market to every month for ‘Zero Cost’. A valuable customer list is the most important aspect of any business, online or off.

Here are some killer examples for you to gain more subscribers:

1. Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse.

“I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse”. Remember that saying? The first step to consider is what to offer your subscribers. Find out what people want and create a free product, ebook or report around that topic.

When Google changed their Algorithm, immediately people were asking, what went wrong? How can I get my positions back?

I retained my positions on Google and proceeded to run various tests to see what had changed. I quickly figured out what was needed to get top 10 positions and created a free report called “The Google Shake-UP”. A FREE ECourse on Getting Top 10 Positions On Google – Even After The Florida Update.

…Offer people what they want and they will not ignore your message.

2. Writing Compelling Articles and Reports.

Write and submit articles to ‘article directories’ with a compelling resource box at the end of your report. If you have a website about Dog’s, you could write a report called “How To Train You Dog In 7 Easy Steps, Without Hiring a Pro-fessional Dog Trainer”. Then you just add a compelling resource box at the end. You can see mine at the bottom of this article. This is by far the best way to grow your opt in list.

3. Posting To Online Forums.

This is a great way to get recognised. Actively participating in online forums and message boards will build credibility for you around your chosen subject. Just make sure you always post your signature at the bottom of the posting or report, with a link to your newsletter address and or signup email.

To build up more interest you could write a ‘3-day’ course on your chosen subject and submit ‘day-1’ to the online forums. All you do to build up anticipation is this:

At the bottom of your post in you signature or a P.S you can add the following:

To get ‘day-2’ of this special report, please send a blank email to: yournewsletter@yourautoresponder.com – This points to your newsletter with ‘day 2’ preloaded to send out.

You get the idea.. This builds great anticipation and will generate a lot of interest. Just make sure your initial report is compelling enough for them to want the second edition.

4. Run a Reward Scheme To Existing Subscribers.

If you have an existing list of over 500 subscribers, you could send out an announcement to them saying that you are running a special promotion for the next 30 days, and you are going to offer them a reward for sending you the most subscribers.

You could send them a cash bonus or a free program at the end of the month. This can all be tracked by simple affiliate script software.

5. Submit To Ezine Publishers.

There will be many existing email list owners on your chosen topic. You could approach them and ask politely to use your article in their ezine.

Publishers are always on the lookout for new content to send to their lists. Don’t forget the resource box to sign up for your ezine.

If you write them an email, just follow these points and they should have no reason to reject your offer.

a. Subscribe to their ezine for a couple of editions and get to know the way they do things.
b. When your report is ready, email them with a positive comment about their newsletter.
c. Make sure you article or report is helpful and ask them to publish it in their ezine.
d. In return offer them something for free. Ie. A report you have written around that chosen topic.

As long as your report is useful and you approach them politely and positively, you should be able to get your article published in various ezines. This is a killer way to get more subscriber to your opt in list.

About the author:

About The Author: Wesley Atkins is the owner of http://www.reviewbooth.com – containing numerous web site marketing tips, articles, and reviews of marketingtools and software.

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