5 Ways to Market Your Business for Free – Part III – The Bonus Method

Ok, so this is only one method.

Like article writing, press releases, joint ventures, and search engine marketing, you can make this the only method that you use to promote your business, and it’s highly effective. Although it takes a little while to set up correctly, it’s also free.

Start an affiliate program for your business.

An affiliate program will do several things for you.

1. Build a sales force for you.
Don’t think that sharing your profits will make you more money?

Here is an example of how an affiliate program can make you a lot of money.

One of the top internet marketing sites online is http://www.marketingtips.com. This is the site of the late Corey Rudl.

Rudl made millions of dollars from this site, and it’s reputed that he had about 70,000 affiliates marketing his program.

Imagine what a major increase in traffic you will see when you have all of these links pointing back to your site, as well as affiliates marketing in markets you might not have considered.

It’s the power of leverage. You spend less time and less money marketing, and you make more sales.

2. Increase your links in the search engines.
You can also use your affiliate program to increase your rankings in the search engines, as well as increase your Google page rank.

According to William Canady of Gorilla Marketing, http://www.gorillamarketing.com, he used this linking strategy to make over one million dollars on one of his sites.

3. Reduce your advertising costs to zero.
Once you’ve set up your affiliate program and submitted it to the affiliate program directories, you’ll need to build your affiliate sales force. Once you’ve built your affiliate sales force, you won’t need to do anymore advertising because your affiliates will be advertising for you.

4. Reduce your marketing time to zero.
Other than writing materials for your affiliates to use to market your business, you won’t need to do any marketing. Your affiliates will be doing this for you. With your affiliates doing your marketing for you, you’ll have more time to write and develop new products for your affiliates to promote, and this will give you a constant stream of income, as well as multiple streams of income from your various products.

Below are several affiliate program directories you can submit your affiliate program to. There are approximately 40 active affiliate program directories where you can submit your program.

If you submit your program manually, you’ll have greater success in getting your site listed.


Although there are many ways to market your business, some techniques are more effective than others. If you develop your marketing plan based on effective techniques, and you consistently market, you’ll drive a never ending stream of targeted traffic to your site.

To help you in developing your affiliate program, you can read this free report:

Affiliate Marketing Plan Builder – http://www.myaffiliateprogram.com/ebook_freesignup.asp

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