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So you have decided to join a network marketing company with the goal of building a successful home business! How do you know if you have what it takes to succeed? Do you even know what it takes to succeed?

As a long-term owner of a store-front business, and as an experienced network marketer, I would like to make some comparisons of a conventional store-front type of business, to a home-based network marketing business.

If you were planning to purchase a conventional business of some kind, perhaps, an appliance business or a shoe store, you would be asking some specific questions before investing your hard-earned money. You would want to consider the following:
v Does it have stability, or is it a risky new start-up venture?
v How hard will it be to acquire customers for my product or service?
v How long will it take to break even and then make a profit?
v How much time do I have to devote to this business?
v Is there a mentor nearby who will teach me the business?
v Am I willing to stick with this even though there may be a number of obstacles to overcome & not everything goes right all the time?

Your list of questions could go on and on.

Now let’s turn to another scenario. Instead of purchasing a conventional business, you find many “opportunities” on the internet. Network marketing, of course, has the great benefit of enabling you to build a residual income from the comfort of your own home at a much lower start-up cost. However, there is much “hype” on the internet, countless websites really look great, and they make success sound so easy, that it can be deceiving to the average person..

So when the person joins a good company and doesn’t make big bucks in a few weeks, it is easy for him to think that the fault is with the company. Meanwhile, he’s received 14 other great offers that make it sound easier than what he just joined. He quits before even getting started and joins another company. Usually the second opportunity doesn’t work either, and he goes to number three, number four, etc. Generally the new start-up opportunities will not last long, will fail, and may even just disappear. Unfortunately, at this point a person may have spent a lot of time and money just chasing rabbits.

How can this merry-go-round of failures be avoided? Here are 7 common sense MLM business tips that I believe will help you avoid this cycle of failures:
1. Find out how stable the company is. Is it a new start-up venture? If so chances are it will not be around for the long haul. Remember, you only have a future if your company has a future!
2. How much time will you be able to personally devote to this business? With network marketing, not only does it take some time to recruit people into your business, but you also have a responsibility to communicate with and try to help the people who have joined you.
3. Can you believe in the products? If you truly believe in your company’s product line, people will see your enthusiasm and be more likely to join you.
4. Are you willing to make a commitment to just the one company for at least 6 months? Most successful network marketers say you should stick with it and work it hard for at least a year. Very few marketers can do justice to promoting more than one or two network marketing companies at the same time. If you spread yourself too thin, you are less likely to succeed with any of them.
5. Is it the kind of business that you could be happy telling your friends about? For example, even though my primary way of marketing is on the internet, my company has some products that have helped me so much, I just naturally want to share their benefits with my friends.
6. Is there a system in place to help you build your business? Most good companies these days do provide their distributors with workable business tools to help them market their business both locally, and on the internet.
7. If your company provides you with a good website, how will you get people to take a look at your website? Having a support system that actually will bring people to your website for you can be the difference in success or failure for many of us.

If you are a person who wants to build either a part-time or full-time residual income from the comfort of your own home, I hope you will realize that it is better to find a good company and stick with it, than to jump from opportunity to opportunity looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Don’t be an “MLM Junkie!” Work it like a business and you will certainly increase your odds for success!

About the author:

Judy Thompson is a former teacher, business owner, and experienced network marketer. She promotes a nutrition company that has an automated support system. For details, go to: http://automaticbuilder.com/333015895/?source=sya305

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