A New Way To Create Digital Product Fast

During last few months, there is a new kind of Hot product rights available for internet marketers. It is called “Private Label Rights”, or “Source Code Rights”.

So what is “Private Label Rights”?

Although there are small variations between products, the basic requirement to define a “Private Label Rights” product is – by owning the rights, you are able to rebrand the product using your name and market the product as YOUR OWN creation.

Actually this is not a new thing. Famous Writers hire ghostwriters to write for them. Software and Script Company hire programmers to write programs and scripts. And this time you pay someone to get the rights of using other’s creation as yours, it is just similar.

Then why owning “Private Label Rights” can be profitable?

Let me compare this new rights with a very similar rights – “Resale Rights”. By owning resale rights, you are able to resell the product as many as you can, and collect all money from every sale you make. However, you are not able to change the name of the product creator, so your customers know it is not your creation, and may become the original product creator’s customers and purchase other products from him/her directly. This means you may lose profit by losing a customer and having a new competitor.

On the other hand, by owning a “Private Label Rights” product, you are the product creator in customer’s eyes. This make you more respectful and more professional. Your customers will be more likely to purchase from you.

But is there any disadvantage of owning a “Private Label Rights” product?

Yes there is one thing you must know when owning a “Private Label Rights” product. The rights may not be exclusive. That is, you may not be the only one rights owner. The actual product creator may sell the rights to many people including you. Therefore, to make your final product becomes unique, I recommend you do extra customization to your product, for example, change the product name, design a new cover, add extra words and features, etc.

Final Words:

Creating an original product not just requires solid knowledge and good writing skills, it is also time consuming and expensive. “Private Label Rights” is sure an excellent way for small business owners and home business people to have their own product fast and easy. And if you are using them correctly, it is highly possible to make you more money, increase your reputation, website traffic and sales.

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