Abundance Affirmations

The abundance affirmation is a powerful tool that you can use to change your life. It is a statement that you are repeating over and over again till it becomes a part of your truth. The abundance affirmation becomes more powerful when it is stated with a feeling behind it. It is not enough to repeat it like a parrot, or on automatic.

The best way of repeating the abundance affirmations is to first bring yourself into a relaxed state of mind, before you start with your affirmations. A simple technique is to sit down in a chair, relax your breathing and close your eyes.

Then start to focus on your own breath by breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. When you breathe in, follow the breath all the way down in your belly, feeling that your belly expands with the in breath. Then breathe out through your mouth. To go deeper into relaxation, open your mouth and make a soft sound of aaahhh, while you breathe out. Do this while you are counting up to ten, and then back to one again, counting one number on each out breath.

Then you are ready to start with your abundance affirmations. Take the sentence you chose and repeat it ten times, one time on each out breath. After you have repeated your sentence, go on with your next one, and do the same for every sentence. Pick only a few sentences to work with till you feel they have become a part of you, and then you can pick new sentences to work with.

After you have done your abundance affirmations session it is important to show your gratitude to Existence (or God) and yourself by saying: “Thank you for making this a part of my life”. An affirmation of gratitude is the most powerful abundance affirmation. This is a prayer that works, because you are stating who you are. If you are only repeating what you would like to be true, you may repeat forever without effect.
The effect comes when you allow yourself to believe that what you are stating actually is true. It takes quite some faith to do this, because you are stating a truth about yourself that you cannot see or experience yet. Anyway you will have to gain such clarity and focus, determination and drive, towards what you desire to create with your abundance affirmations, that there is no doubt in you that this will come true.
This is your new reality, and it start with you believing and then seeing and experiencing. Not the other way round, which has been the common standard amongst human beings for a long time: “Let me see it, and I will believe you”. You know now that this is not how it works. It works the other way around and it starts with you. With your abundance affirmations you are stating who you are, right now. This is how you create your own reality.

You are doing this all the time on an unconscious level; your thoughts about yourself create who you are. This is the reason that so many things seem to happen to you. You are giving yourself all the time affirmations that you are not conscious about, in the way you are thinking about yourself. Unconscious negative thought patterns create your reality as easy as your conscious positive statements about yourself.
That is why it is important to make your statements in an positive way, with positive words. E.g. “I am not a smoker any more” (which sounds like you would still like to be one!) works with a negative connotation “not”. Not rejects a part of yourself and does not include all sides of you. A positive and creative and supportive way of making this statement would be: “I am living a healthy and happy life without cigarettes”.

If you are still a smoker and you would like to live a happy life without cigarettes I suggest you to stop. Now! There will never be a right moment other than Now! Then in the next moment you state proudly and to the whole world: “I have stopped smoking and I will never touch a cigarette again, in my whole life! Wow, what a determination and intention behind that statement! You mean business! Do this and stick to it and you will never smoke again.

When you do this abundance affirmations exercise and you set yourself goals and pursue them, you will most probably have all your judgements and negative thoughts coming to the surface. Things like: “Yeah, yeah good luck smart ass” and “You are dreaming, buddy”, or: “This is bullshit, it will never work” and similar thoughts are likely to interrupt you trying to make hindrances on the way to riches.

Take a closer look on the second judgement: “You are dreaming, buddy”. That one has some truth in it. When a new thought enters your mind, it can feel like a vague dream. You see yourself a place where you really would like to be, and you immediately discern the thought as a dream. By discerning the thought you stop your new thought about yourself from becoming reality. It works in a very simple way: The universe copies your thoughts into reality! Your strongest thought becomes reality; even the underlying ones that you are not aware of will do so. In this way you become what you think. Understand that principle and you’ll be already a good step ahead in changing your reality.
Though, understanding is not enough. You need to take action as well to change. And the most beneficial action you can take is to grow awareness about yourself and your thought patterns. Then you will more easily be able to catch yourself thinking a negative thought or doing a negative action. Negative thoughts look like: “You don’t have money so you have no right, who do you think you are?” “Money is bad and filthy any way”. “I will never make it to get money together”, etc.

When you catch yourself thinking like this, simply change the thought by will. Say to yourself: “Okay, here we go again, the old record is playing again”. Accept that this side will always be a part of you, but that now you are going to be in charge of this record player. That means you want to choose what thoughts you are thinking.

This may sound like brainwashing – and that is in fact what it is. You clean out the negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones. But don’t worry, your negative thoughts will sneak up on you again before you know it, so don’t think you are loosing a part of yourself by doing some brainwashing. You are simply gaining control over your own thoughts. Saying a negative sentence about yourself works the same way as thinking a negative thought; it creates your reality even stronger than the thought you had before you spoke it out loud. “I’m broke and I don’t know how to get it together this month, I have loads of bills and my job sucks and pays lousy”. When you say this loud, the universe copies your statement and that is the reality you are creating.

Still, it is too quick to think that just by you saying: “My job is great and I can pay all my bills easily”, things will change instantly for you. This will not be the case. Simply lying about a fact in your life, like having a lot of unpaid bills does not change your situation.

You need to rephrase your statement like: “I am making it my priority to pay my bills this month, because my economic situation is not looking very good right now. I am actively working on changing it, and I am also looking for a better job, while I keep doing the one I have now, the best I can”.

Change also your negative thoughts around bills. Bills are blessings! They are a physical proof that someone else trusts your ability to pay! That is more trust than you have in yourself when you think and talk negatively about them. Someone else allows you to buy or do something and says: “You can pay later, we trust you”, by sending you a bill! They might not say the words but that is what their action means.

That bills are blessings does not mean that you should collect as many as possible. Rather do it he other way around. Always look for ways to minimize your expenses and learn from other people who manage to pay their bills easily. They are obviously doing something you are not!

As for the statement that your job “sucks”, it definitely will not become better from you repeating negative affirmations about it! Think of your job as a springboard, a starting point for the rest of your career. Do your absolute best as long as you are there and see it as a possibility rather than something that holds you back.

What I mean with possibility is that the job covers your day-to-day expenses while you are looking around for new possibilities. While you are in the job, take it on one hundred percent and be fully behind it. Give always a bit more than you get paid for. That is an incredible powerful statement to yourself, your employer and to the universe. Your statement and action says: “I always do my best and that gives me the opportunity to choose exactly what I would like to work with”. That is a real abundance affirmation.

A negative action would be to stay in the job and be resentful about it, blaming the world for giving you such a lousy job. Complaining and blaming others for your own situation is absolutely the best way to stay stuck in it. Simply stop it! Start thinking, talking and acting in a constructive way and you will see your reality changing. May be it will take some time before you get a new job or can pay all your bills easily, but the feeling about the issue will change immediately.

The situation is no longer a huge problem, because you changed your perception about it. In fact your situation is just that: a fact – not a problem. And this fact can change when you understand and apply the laws of creation. Think, talk and act oriented towards solution and your “problem” with money will be solved.

Now, in the meanwhile, your mind probably goes: “It cannot be this easy, I don’t believe it”. This is okay; you just don’t have to listen to it and can decide to become the creator of your life situation instead of the victim of it. By victim I mean a victim of circumstances, seemingly out of your control.

This is a very common perception about life: life just happens to you! And you can do nothing about it! If you recognize yourself here, it is time to look a bit deeper! Deep down in the subconscious, where your statement about the world creates your reality. Saying “Life just happens to me, and I can do nothing about it”, gives you not only very little choice, but also gives you the “benefit” of not having to take responsibility for your life.

If you are tired of living like this, then take action. Say to yourself: “I am responsible for my life, and I am going to become the creator of my life, I am no longer a victim”. From there on you can start to move into a different and new dimension of your life: the one that you yourself are creating by using abundance affirmations!

A few examples of sentences:
I am ready for abundance
Every day I repeat my Abundance Affirmations!
I am a rich person
I love the energy of money
Money enhances my positive power
I love life
I am a loving person
I am successful and I love it
My life is a success-story
I am a beautiful, loveable human being
I am successful in everything I do
I am willing and daring to go all the way
I will reach my goals, joyfully and easily.
I am always reaching my goals in one way or another
I am joyfully receiving wealth and abundance in my life
I am moving towards money
I am creating money in my life
It is great to have money!
I love my self.
I love all beings on this planet
I am so happy to be alive.
I am creating riches to share with the whole world, because it is my joy to share
Every day and in every way I am getting better and better

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