Anti-Spam Case Study: Pacesetter Claims Service

When catastrophe strikes, many insurance companies tend to get flooded with new claims. These sudden surges in client demands can be overwhelming, and that’s where Pacesetter Claims Service, an independent adjusting agency, comes in.

Founded in 1997, Pacesetter Claims Service is a well-established company with offices in five different states, as well as Puerto Rico. They are dedicated to providing the extra support companies such as American Family Mutual Insurance and Farmers Insurance Group need in the aftermath of a catastrophic event.

Having multiple offices spread across the country, and no way of predicting where or when the next disaster will strike, immediate, effective communication, such as email, is vital for Pacesetter’s success. With the company dealing with upwards of 100 to 150 emails per day that are not only valid, but also possibly contain critical information from multiple sources, filtering out the junk email becomes essential.

According to Pacesetter IT Coordinator David Borg, more than 80% of their incoming email was a bombardment of spam. Pacesetter couldn’t afford to have their employees wasting time sorting through these unwanted emails. They also didn’t want to risk the possibility of inadvertently filtering out legitimate messages. They needed a highly effective, highly accurate anti-spam software solution to their spam problem.

Choosing Securence was an easy decision for Pacesetter Claims Service. Securence offered everything Pacesetter was looking for: accuracy, ease of use, great customer service and cost effectiveness.
“The reps stayed in touch real closely in the beginning to make sure things went smoothly,” says Borg, who also likes the option that Securence is a service as opposed to just an application he has to
install and maintain himself. Perhaps most importantly, Borg is impressed with the accuracy of Securence’s email filtering software. “During our 30-day trial period,” says Borg, “we didn’t have any false positives, and the few junk e-mails that did slip through were because we couldn’t completely secure things on our end. We’re extremely satisfied.”

By selecting Securence, Pacesetter Claims Service was able to reduce their incoming junk email by more than 80% with nearly perfect accuracy.

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