Beat The Phenomenon Of Awful Sale Statistics

It is a purely shocking statistic, that only 4 in every 100 affiliates, actually turn over more than a few dollars. This is an truly awful statistic, but one that can be easily changed. The reasons as to why this phenomenon of awful sales occurs are numerous. In this article, I will be dealing with resell rights e-book packages, as the sales example item. However overall this article, can be applied, to any sales product.

The number one reason why sellers fail online, is caused by a lack of knowledge, as how to advertise their products. FFA’s are a good example of this. Visit any ffa page on the net and you will see people struggling. Thousands of affiliates and other sellers use these methods as their sales vehicle. It is certain you will fail if you use these type of methods. The only people who will ever see these type of sites will be other sellers. And it would have to be one brilliant product, to be able to make a successful sale, to another seller via this method.

The second main reason, are products which are sold with pre-built sales pages. This whole process promotes a system, by which sellers think they can promote and provide websites, built-up totally with single web sales pages, and make easy money as a result. The resell products, themselves, mostly are initially purchased by sellers, because of a main sales pitch of ‘You Will Make Easy Money’. The product itself becomes second best. Potential income becomes the sellers main driving point and this simply misses the mark totally. This is a real online marketing trap. All this provides is a one page sales pitch without the backing of any real substance. This substance can only be given by the backing of a real website, with your resale products built in, as part of it. And the products you sell should always be a necessary part of the topics covered by your website. Remember always, never sell items with standalone sales pages, without a reference point. And this reference point should always initially be found exactly, in the beating heart of the pre-sale, that can be found on your own website. We will get to this point in more detail further below shortly.

As a further proof of another form of this lack of substance. I have recently received feedback from other sellers who have not even read the actual content of the product they are reselling. This just does not make any business sense at all. I myself sell a lot of resell rights e-book products. But they are only the products I have researched and want my own name and my company name attached to. I even recently had an affiliate send me a resell rights e-book package he purchased which consisted of an amazing sales package, it simply took my breath away. But the actually e-book product it promoted consisted of 9 pages. If I was the customer who purchased this package. I would be pretty overwhelmed, by the feeling of being ripped off, if I paid $49.95 for a 9 page e-book. And needless to say, the information that it contained, was useless to say the least. Any customer who may purchase this product, it would be safe to say, would be very cautious before they ever purchased a product online ever again. And it would be certain to say they would never purchase a product from that seller ever again either. Honesty is a word that needs to be applied totally in online sales. Forget the potential profit line for a moment. You need to be totally committed to the product you are selling. And you need to be totally committed to the principle of getting information of real value out there and into the hands of others.

So how do you succeed online with real success. Firstly if you want to make money online consistently you need, as stated earlier, a real website. It just amazes me how many sellers just don’t even have a real website of there own. You need to show potential buyers what motivates you in what you do. If you have a website system of single web sales pages. You are never going to achieve any success online. Design a website around what motivates and excites you. Build information that you have written yourself, and quality information written by others, that has real information value. Provide a website of substance that aligns itself to great informational links. Always Align your website, with other websites that have the same commitment, with exactly the ideas you hold most valuable. Show a potential buyer or even just that website visitor cruising the net. That you know exactly what you are talking about, and promote your products around this knowledge.

Secondly learn exactly how to promote your website successfully. Seek out the knowledge of others who are successful online and take in all the information that they offer. The reason why in the previous paragraph, I mentioned the need for a real website before this topic of advertising, has other benefits as well. If you have a real website you will get indexed well in the search engines. Getting indexed well, will gain you quality targeted traffic, that costs nothing. So build a good website, submit it to the engines, and simply let time take its course. For example to get into google it is going to take about 7 months, there is no way around this except just waiting. Just submit and focus on adding real value content to your website. And focus on other methods of advertising. The perfect method is to build an email list of your own. There are thousands of real valid methods on how to achieve this. The best being, by simply starting your own ezine, built around exactly the same topics which your website covers.

I hope that this article may help to guide you too success. I myself make a living off the internet. I make around 40,000 dollars per year after tax. It is not a great deal of money. I must say that I made more in my previous full-time job. But the internet has given me the freedom, to do what I want to do, when I want to do it. Being your own boss has huge freedom based benefits. But to achieve these benefits requires on-going plain simple hard work. There is no easy way to make money online other than hard work, that is a guaranteed fact, and covers any part of life. Everyone has the potential to make money on the internet. But to achieve this requires a real commitment to the absolute requirements of knowledge, quality, honesty, and hard work. Remember always value what you do, and how you do it, and others will value you for it. That is certain.

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