Best Way To Send Anonymous Emails

There are moments when you need to send an anonymous e-mail for the simple fact that you don’t want that particular person to reach your address or because you don’t want people to know you have sent that e-mail.Another common situation is the one in which people use your e-mail address to do illegal things and, due to the fact that we are talking about your e-mail adress you can be arrested. This is way, sending anonymous e-mail is sometimes beneficial. There are of course, many ways to do this and the purpose of this article is to present some of them.

One method to send an e-mail anonymously would be the usage of a remailer server to hide id information or anything elated to yourself.These remailers can be used not only for hiding your identity , but also to surf the Internet without anyone knowing it is you. In this case, there is a certain type of utility which allows you to send anonymous e-mail. It is generally free but a delay of 20 seconds on the browser can appear unless there is paid the amount of $15(three months) for the entire package. Moreover, you should know that in this case, the person who receives the e-mail cannot respond. There are however some other utilities which let you create an anonymous e-mail as you can also receive mails.

There is an easier way to send these anonymous e-mails. It is free and the one thing about it is the fact that you do not need to create an account for being able to send the e-mail. This is wanted in most cases as creating an account can take a lot of time; moreover, in the case of sending an anonymous e-mail an account is not needed even if it is for free. We have always wanted to have as utility e free emailer where we could just type the message, introduce the address of the receiver and sign out. This is what a free emailer does. Besides the fact it is free, you can send the e-mail in no time and the free emailer will make sure it is anonymous.

In conclusion, it is my strong belief that any person can be smart enough to make the right election: it is like choosing between two almost identical options, a difference being that the first is not free and the last is more easy and rapid. What should you do?

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