BLOGS! What They Are… And WHY They’re Becoming A POWER

BLOGS! What a crazy name for the “NEWEST” Internet
marketing trend to hit the Internet.

But, I like it.

It makes this new form of communication kind of mysterious
in a way, though, BLOGS have been around for quite some
time and only recently have been recognized as a VERY
valuable asset to Internet marketers.

Recently, I was visiting some Internet marketing related
Forums and noticed many of the threads having similar
“Subjects” saying… “What the heck are BLOGS?”

So, I did a little research and this is what I came up with
since I was Very curious myself.

I think it’s best that I clearly define to You exactly what
a “BLOG” is so that as I go through this article with you,
you’ll have a clear picture in your head of what a Blog IS
and so there won’t be any confusion.

A “BLOG”(A.K.A. Web Log) by definition is:

A combination of online diary and/or guestbook. You sign up
for a blogger account and then you enter the information
You want on your Website. Then you can set it so that only
you can place entries on it or so that anyone can. Then you
can either keep a private journal or you can have a place
where your readers can get together and place entries to
each other or to you.

So… there you have it in a nut shell.

To simplify it even more let’s just say BLOGS are a place
to go and post your personal thoughts that you can share
with your subscribers and/or readership and receive

Now, for the purpose of this article, now that you know the
true definition of a “Blog”, I’m going to share with you
some reasons WHY they’re becoming a widely recognized
“POWER TOOL” for Internet marketers around the world.

So, with that said, lets go to Reason #1.

Reason #1. Great way to stay in touch with your subscribers.

Blogs are a great way to stay in touch with your
subscribers and/or readership and builds regular readership
Traffic to your little community where you can interact
with them.

It also helps build rapport, which in turn, will help
develop that TRUST in You, Your Products and/or Services
that You recommend.

Reason #2. It’s a great way to get “Feedback”.

Blogs are a great way to get Feedback from your
subscribers/customers simply because they have the ability
to leave comments on each “Post” you make which will then
help you find what it is they’re looking for making YOU
look like a “Hero” in there eye’s and putting $Money$ in
your pocket.

Reason #3. Can be managed by ONE individual.

Blogs require NO “HTML” experience, making it easy for
ANYONE to get started.

Most “Blog” communities online use what is called a
“WYSIWYG” HTML editor.

Did I lose you there with the “WYSIWYG” abbreviation. That
simply stands for… “What You See Is What You Get”.

It’s one of the easiest HTML editors to use, making it easy
for You to get started right away.

Reason #4. Your able to list your “Main” website details.

When you sign up for your Blogger account you’re given an
area to set-up your “Personal Profile” where your able to
list your Main website and URL, plus, any other personal
information you wish to share that will be displayed on
your Blog.

Reason #5. A great way to publish “Information”.

This is probably ONE of the Biggest benefits to Blogs
because you have the ability to post informative
information in the form of “Articles and/or Reviews” for
your subscribers and/or readership which will make you look
like an Expert on the subject and giving you INSTANT
credibility in the eye’s of your reader.

Reason #6. You get your own URL.

That’s right, you get your own URL you can use in all your
promotions and/or on your personal website if you have one.

This feature is great, especially for people just starting
out and don’t have there own website up and running yet.

Here’s my Blog for you to take a look at.

It’s called… The Internet Wonders Blog.

Reason #7. Search Engines love them.

Search Engines love Blogs because they are so “Content
Rich” and are always being updated on a Daily to Weekly

When you compare a regular static website, which might be
updated on a monthly basis, to a Blog, which is updated on
a Daily to Weekly basis with NEW content, you’ll gain favor
with the search engines with your Blog.

The S.E. “Spiders” will then gladly stop by to munch down
on whatever NEW content you posted and Index your website
more often since that is what Search Engines love and are
constantly looking for.

Reason #8. The ability to use RSS with Blogs.

A powerful feature about Blogs is the use of RSS(Really
Simple Syndication) that allows you to Instantly send your
Blog highlights to your readership upon publication which
will keep your reader up to speed on your business and your
Products and/or Services.

Not only that, RSS also gives your Blog more exposure to a
wider audience of subscribers building a bigger readership
in less time.

By simply adding an human element to your business through
the use of a “Blog”, IS a great way to build rapport and
gain the trust of your subscribers and/or readership, which
in turn, will turn them into buying “Customers”.

Well, there you have it, “BLOGS! What They Are… And WHY
They’re Becoming A POWER TOOL For Internet Marketers”.

I hope this article clearly answered the questions you once
had about “Blogs” and the benefits of starting one of your


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