Booking Events & Shows

Booking shows starts with a positive attitude. Work on having a pleasing attitude. Believe in yourself, your service and your product.

Booking shows starts when you walk into a room.

Learn to dress like a professional.
One day this week from leaving the hospital while staying with my grandmother a lady started a conversation with me. The lady asked me are you a social worker and I said no, then she asked me well are you a business woman and I started to talk with her and I just smiled.

Procedures for booking shows:

Make a contact list.

Call, write or email those on your contact list.

Learn to believe in yourself. Be zealous.

Good prospects in business, prospective customers, clients, guest:

a. Zealous Guest – She/He might be the one with the most friends

b. Friends of the host/hostess – She/He might be willing to help you

Booking starts with you and your attitude. Watch your image and attitude. Let people know about events and shows.

Others will want to associate with you. You could possibly know something in a particular area/subject that others want to learn about.

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