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People are by nature untrusting. We start out as children trusting any and everyone but as the years roll by and the heartaches mount we learn to trust fewer and fewer people. I have a saying that I’ve lived by for many years: ‘Trust
no one but your Mama-and keep one eye on her’. I know it sounds a bit paranoid but it makes my point. You have to be very careful who you allow yourself to trust.

Hopefully, one of the first lessons we learned online was to be even more cautious of who we trust. Cyberspace is full of cheats, thieves and swindlers. And for every outright criminal on the internet there are ten indirect criminals
who’d say and do almost anything to get you to buy from them. We all get bombarded with this dishonesty every time we log onto the World Wide Web. So how can those of us who are honest stand out in the crowd?

Simple: By gaining the websurfer’s trust.

I’ve found a great way to earn trust online is through writing articles. When you write an article you give readers a chance to form an opinion about you. If what you’ve written makes sense then people will generally form a good opinion about you. And any opinion formed about you transfers to your website and all products offered on it. Now imagine what happens if someone reads 3 or 4 of your articles. Not only do they gain valuable
information but there’s also a relationship growing
you and the reader. And what is the basis for any relationship? You guessed it: TRUST.

So take a break from surfing the Net and start writing an article about your website or some related topic. Not only
can this article drum you up some extra traffic, it can also help you to gain the trust of your readers. And trust goes a long way in cyberspace.

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