Choosing the Right Affiliate Program for YOU!

Encouraging piece on how to remain passionate and select the right affiliate program for you.
The art of selecting an affiliate with passion.

Have you ever noticed that truly successful people are always passionate? Passionate about their field of endeavour. Passionate about life. And passionate about spreading success. We have seen it in all walks of life. It boomed with the likes of Dale Carnegie, Cavett Robert, and Frank Bettger, flourished further with Mark Victor Hansen and Bobbie Gee. They passed it on to all who were susceptible, it was like new cases of passion emerged on a daily basis!

The problem was, and has always been that very few recipients have gone on to display the full blown symptoms of infectious passion – success! You know the drill; you have this freshly acquired case of passion for your job and return to work bursting with enthusiasm, only to find everyone else seems to have had the shot that has prevented them from catching passion. Before you know it, like a dose of the flu you to are over the infection and back to the same old same old.

Fortunately if you have had passion in the past it is very easy to catch again. I say fortunately because once you have passion you generally aim to achieve bigger and greater things. In the past this has sometimes required a career change resulting in an element of risk. And once again it is all too easy to let this dose of passion pass with the advent of kids, bills and mortgage.

I can see our forefathers wishing they were around today, suffering a bad dose of passion. The internet means you can be passionate about something and find it instantly. It also means you can establish an online income with little or no out of pocket expense by way of an affiliate program. The internet is open 24/7 allowing you to continue with the same old same old whilst you retain passion and build your new and exciting affiliate business. It is simple and easy to establish your net presence in your spare time.

By reading this you are going to catch your next dose of passion! As part of the required treatment I want you to avoid passion killers.

If you are on a budget and lets face it most of us are, affiliate programs can help get your new successful business up and running. But here in lies the trap for new players. The first phase of the passion infection requires that you dont just jump on any old affiliate program. Select a topic that you have this acquired case of passion for…….. Lets say it is gardening.

Go to some gardening chat rooms and get involved in the conversation. This should not be too hard to do since you already have a passion in the topic. Ensure you spend a fair degree of your spare time in the chat rooms as you need to make a list of the hot topics. One or two nights will not be enough. This research will probably take up to a month to complete. Dont rush this stage of your infection with passion. Diligence now will save you much frustration and heartache in the future. Keep recording and keep getting involved with the conversations. Donft be afraid to ask questions.

During the second phase of your passion infection you will need to analyze the results of your record keeping. Look for frequent or common chat room questions over the month long reports. You have probably even started to notice a trend already. Perhaps you have noticed that bird baths have been mentioned alot with additional questions about which are the best plants to have in your garden to attract birds.

From here you can set about building your website. Phase three. Your gardening passion will allow you to have a site loaded with knowledgeable content relating to gardening. You can pay special attention to content relating to bird baths and bird attracting flora.

Finally once you have “optimized your website for search engines” and had it listed you can then add your lucky few. Your passionate lucky few are the affiliate programs you have found that best suit your needs. There are many gardening sites with affiliate programs on offer and most pay between 10-15% commissions. and are but two.

Be passionate and take the time to plan your destiny. If you fail to plan, you have planned to fail.

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