CleverDocs for IFAs – Compliance, Relationship and Document Management system specifically for Independent Financial Advisors

Cost of compliance with new FSA regulations can now be reduced

The additional cost of compliance with the new FSA (Financial Services Authority) regulations for insurers can now be contained thanks to Accounting Products ( enhanced customer relationship/document management software CleverDocs for IFAs.

Accounting Products document management system – CleverDocs for IFAs – has already substantially reduced operating costs for Denyer Insurance by streamlining many of the processes for compliance, sales, customer interaction and document management. Denyer, which pioneered commission-free life, critical illness, pensions and general insurance, sold via the internet, is the first IFA to incorporate the enhanced software. CleverDocs for IFAs helps ensure this by improving productivity across all aspects of an IFA business:
• Compliance
• Business Management
• Relationship Management
• Document Management
• IFA Intelligence

Comprehensive client and policy registers
Fact find recording
Terms of business agreement status
Logged communications with providers and clients
Business Management
Financial Services and General Insurance
Commission statements can be retrieved by time and/or providers
Renewal commission forecasting
Commission tracking at IFA, insurer and even client level
Reduced administration
Greater responsiveness
Business Intelligence
Relationship Management
Client policy history and status is available on-line
Authorised agents have access to documents
Automated communications with clients when policy status changes
Standard letters can be created and sent automatically
Document Management
All communications scanned and accessible on line
Documents can be filed against providers, clients and policies
Documents can be filed against any number of clients and policies
Thumbnail view of documents available for quick reference or
Documents can be opened and printed, emailed or faxed from the screen

IFA intelligence
Comprehensive policy register
One or multiple parties to a policy
One or multiple lives to assure
Policy extensions
Key dates available on policy records (Application, Acceptance , On-risk)
Reasons (Letter, Objectives, Risk Attitude)
Policy numbers (internal and provider)
Status policy application with compliance/sales process
Advice and policy history available

From 2005 the new FSA regulations will demand increased transparency and compliance auditability. Simon Hill, Managing Director of Denyer says “while creating a new way of selling insurance, it became apparent that we also had to transact our business in a new way. The cost of dealing with paper has always been a key factor in operating a paper based business. The creation of CleverDocs has allowed us to automate many processes. From an initial interest on our website through to policy acceptance and follow-up we have been able to make the most of our key processes to become paperless and yet retain the feel, as far as clients are concerned, that we are looking after their needs in a traditional manner.”

CleverDocs was created on time, on budget and, after three years’ continuous operation, without a single failure”. He continued “after we implemented CleverDocs and went live, we were able to immediately transact more business and release staff to do more productive work. We also had one place for customer records, quotes, policy documents, e-mails, correspondence etc. With this system in place, everything became accessible at the touch of a button”.

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Simon Hill, Managing Director, Denyer Insurance

Note to editors: Accounting Products Ltd, founded in 2001, provides specialist and tailored software such as free software for GL, AP, AR, supply chain management, light manufacturing, warehouse management, call centre management, voicemail, voicemail to e-mail, remote worker support, CMS and VoIP. Accounting Products also offers document management systems, bank reconciliation, cash forecasting and control, as well as consulting. Clients include Axa, Mace, UPP and Denyer Insurance.

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