Communication problem and what the problem with Blog and Rss

Why in the world should it be hard to reach a customer or a potential client ?

It should NOT be !

But with today’s fast paced internet technology and the introduction of new applications it is getting tougher to reach the potential customer or the regular clients.

I)EMAIL : Email has been a popular means of reaching your users, clients, co workers or just about anybody in the world.

The problem over here are Spammers !

Most of the emails received today by a person consists of 50% spam emails which means you get more spam messages in your inbox compared to the genuine email which is actually meant for you.The answer to this were scripts like spam fighter and spam boxer apps.This has further created problems for the email users as now a good percentage of the email that was supposed to reach did not reach them.

II)Ip 2 Ip messenger : This interesting revolution had no barries.The user could just type in his message and the range of ips and his message would directly reach the ip addresses in the form of a messagebox window.

The problem over here are Ip messenger spammers using applications like Ip broadcasting softwares.

To stop this a new software was introduced called the Ip-spam blocker which actually blocks such ip advertisement messages.Also new operatings systems like Windows XP have introduced tweaks for such problems.

III)Rss and blogs : Blogs are a great way to create and reach your target audience.For every blog there is an rss.You can give away the rss link to the user so that the users can add it to their rss readers.Your main aim should be to get the user’s attention and make your blog and rss at top rather than getting mixed in the unlimited info filled blog world and rss readers.

The problem over here is that your one RSS url gets lost in the other 15 rss urls added to the rss aggregator.

So you ask yourself a question.Is there a way to reach the user’s desktop directly without any hinderances.

Yes there is.

1)Give the user options : Not every user uses a rss reader nor does every user has the guts to give away his email if on each and every newsletter signup form due to the fear of spam.
Best you can do is give user an option to signup at your blog and be notified of each and every post.With this you must also allow the user to add the rss feed autmatically to his reader.

2)Stay on user’s desktop : With Blog reader solutions like Blog Exprss you can now get the undivided attention of the user by staying at the user’s desktop and giving him/her the latest update without the hinderance of ip blockers or spam filters.

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