Design Your Own Website – My Easy Five Step Formula For Creating Successful Websites.

For me to demonstrate this, I will lead off with a little story, dating back a couple years.

Two years ago, when I first started online, my biggest nightmare was trying to figure out what program to use to build my websites, and which hosting company to house my web pages at.

I was always chasing the fast highway to riches. Finally, I could see why they call it the Internet Highway, I was on a highway and I didn’t realize that I could control my own speed. I stopped chasing the Internet Highway and started studying patterns online.

As time went by, I got better at not letting myself jump at the next “big” or “great product”, I learned to focus and I slowly started to keep the plastic hidden. It became difficult for me to use my credit card online, unless it was for my education towards my vision.

So, why the change?

First, I believe the change came when I bought one affiliate marketing manual that really hit the spot, no, not one, actually two, but one was the catalyst. It was very easy to understand and read, stipulating exactly how to build website that makes affiliate programs earn cash for you.

My vision of how you can make money online changed.

I finally started to realize that every website I build online has the potential of earning me $500 monthly.

That is where I created the term: “My e-appartment complex.”

My vision leads me to building successful e-apartments, one after the other until my e-complex has a total of 100 e-apartments.
But, because, of greed, you will have to be realistic and start by creating your “first” e-apartment. This article will help you get started, following the successful path not many wish to travel, while knowing that, if they do, success is guaranteed.

Armed with that knowledge, I will now share with you exactly what you need to do online to create successful websites, one after the other.

1) You Will Have To Master Keyword Research

I just can’t emphasize the importance of keyword research.
If you don’t know what people are searching for then, how in the world is anyone ever going to find your website online.

You must, and I repeat, yes, must, learn to build your website around keywords or keywords phrases that is being searched for online. No successful website online was built without targeting the right keywords.

2) You Will Have To Use A Website Builder That Is Easy To Master.

In short, when your just starting out online, you have to learn how to build your own websites. You will need a website builder you can master n a week, you can’t spend months online learning HTML, so, it will have to be WYSIWYG (WYSIWYG, stands for What You See Is What You Get). In other words, acts like your word processor where you just paste the text needed.

3) Discover Where to Get the Cheapest Hosting.

Today, anyone online can open a reseller hosting account and start there own web hosting company for just $ 25 to $50 monthly.
But, the question is: Are they “techie” enough where trouble shooting is concerned?

You have to host you site with a company that has been around at least 5 years, because they are established and know the ins-an-outs of what it takes to be an online web host, and have a very friendly customer service.

4) You Must Use some Kind Of Ad Tracking Software.

Ad tracking is the one thing you must master online if you want to build successful websites online. You will have to make small changes to your site and just check to see if your site performs better or worse. If you feel your headline isn’t pulling, just change the headline and monitor what happens.

The nice part about online businesses is, that you can make change instantly and have results the same day. No need to wait months for results, like the offline world. Your changes can be tracked and that makes it easy to constantly improve your websites.

5) Find Something That Excite You And Put Away The Plastic.

Once, you find your niche online, ditch the credit card. Take your time and study what is needed for you to be successful online, sign up for a couple forums and get active asking questions.

Your online presence will start to make you a professional in your field. Study your manual, going over it more than once, read between the lines and set your vision on the end results you want to accomplish. Just set sail, and keep focus.

In any human activity, just get going and you will notice that what once seemed impossible, is now simple for you.

Knowing this, I do hope you find your niche online and start building your first e-apartment.

About the author:

About The Author

Alexander Marlin, Ebenezer St. Maarten A.N.
Is an affiliate programs mentor, who believes that anyone online can learn how to master keyword research that will help you to design your own website while using ad tracking to improve your business.

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