Did I Hear You Say, Mama, Help Me! I Lost My Websites!

This simple reminder is dedicated to all Webmasters (and Webslaves like me). Don’t sleep tonight without reading this. Find out why below…

Have you seen people cried out loud for help because they lost their websites?

I have seen this many times in several forums and have personally experienced the same not long ago. I am a living testimony on this one.

And so I cried out, “Mama help! I lost my websites!”

But no one can help me… Sad but true…

So I face mounting problems that escalates each day as I am rebuilding my websites. Lost sales, lost customers, lost files and lost hairs (it’s very stressful you know).

If it did not happen to you just yet, good for you. Otherwise, you already know how painful it is to wake up in the morning just to see your website was wiped out on the face of the internet.

Scary eh?

Webmasters lose their websites for a variety of reasons. This may be due to either one or the combination of the following:

1) Server hardware breakdowns or failures
2) Datacenter disasters (fires, electrical, etc)
3) Software updates and failures
4) Hacking and malicious intents
5) Transfer or server movement problems
6) Your webhost human errors
7) Your own human errors
8) Other accidents I might have missed

Except for your own mistakes (admit it, nobody’s perfect) from time to time, all the other reasons
are beyond your control. And it’s not good news.

It’s a good thing that you NOW know that it’s not a question of “IF” it will happen to you. It’s
just a matter of “WHEN” disaster will strike YOU.

– Are you ready for this?

– Can you deal with the consequences and trauma?

– Is your website insured if disaster falls today?

Luckily, most of us know the solution but we keep on ignoring this. Admit it. I know.

The only way to really have peace of mind is to do one simple thing… Just ONE simple thing…




Most of us knew this all along but we don’t do it.

Are we crazy? Nope. We are just busy.

We are so busy online we don’t have time for this simple thing. No challenge eh?

But you see, this is your ONLY true insurance from the shaky internet platforms and uncontrollable mishaps.

You can’t just rely on someone to do this for you.

– Not with your web host.

– Not your programmer.

– Not your website designer.

– Not even your Mom!

YOU, the website owner should do this for yourself.


I pray that you will not be stricken with this sad online tragedy. Because I really can’t help you even if you email me a million times for help.

Remember, accidents strike when you least expect it. (Or it will not be called accidents right?)

So don’t forget to BACKUP your websites from time to time. And your vital files in your computer too.

You’ll have peace of mind and I tell you, that’s a great and wonderful feeling.

Tell your Mom about it. She’ll be happy to know…

About the author:

Manny R. Jao II is self-taught webmaster whose aim is to improve the lives and working habits of other netrepreneurs just like him. He is the developer and owner of the first automatic backup software for CPanel-Powered websites named CPSiteSaver which you can now download at http://www.cpsitesaver.com

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