Discover Hidden Profits in “Spare Change” Time

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Fact: Take the spare change out of your pocket every night
and put it in a child’s piggy bank. At the end of a year you
will have at least a hundred dollars to spend as you wish.

Now take this same principle and discover the huge payoff in
the “spare change” time you’ve been wasting all these years.

How often do you sit in front of your computer and wait?

Everyone waits for the computer to reboot, restart, unlock,
“scandisk”, “defrag”, finish printing, download a file from
the Internet or generally accomplish tasks that have you
sitting twiddling your thumbs for at least 60 to 90 seconds
or more.

The shocking truth is that those one, two and three minute
nuggets of time contain the seeds for accomplishing all the
tasks you never seem to have enough minutes in the day to

Computers represent a double-edged sword. On the one hand,
they are supposed to save us time by efficiently helping us
with big tasks such as balancing our checkbooks, running our
businesses, and doing our taxes.

In reality, it seems the time computers save you gets sucked
right back up in time-consuming tasks such as installing
software, scanning for viruses and waiting for the computer
to restart!

Think about the spare change in the piggy bank example. Now
use that same principle to your advantage by developing an
awareness of how you spend your “pocket change” time in
front of the computer every day.

Small bits of wasted time add up quickly over the course of
a day, week, year – all of it in 2 to 3 minute increments.
Fifteen wasted minutes a day equals well over 1 ½ productive
weeks wasted per year!

Take this “one-day challenge”.

Today, try these alternatives to sitting and watching the
“hourglass” on your monitor while waiting for your computer
to finish a task!

~ Organize your desk
~ Sharpen your pencils
~ Make a quick phone call
~ Check your “to-do” list; if you don’t have a “to-do” list
make one
~ Write a fast note to a friend
~ Put in a load of laundry
~ Go to the bathroom
~ Get another cup of coffee
~ Pay a bill
~ Catch up your checkbook entries
~ Pick up your office
~ Brainstorm an idea
~ Stand up and stretch
~ Day-dream for about a happy thought for 90 seconds!

Carefully watch how much time you spend in front of the
computer waiting for it to do something and then see how
many things you can accomplish with that time.

Nothing could reward you more than developing a
consciousness about how you spend those spare moments that
add up to enough time to write a book, take a trip with your
family or take positive actions that will change your life

Use your “spare change” time to accomplish the things you
claim you never find time to finish!

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