Domain Name Scams: Have You Fallen for One?

Have you received information regarding your domain name through postal mail? Did you receive numerous invoices regarding your domain name? Ever been stuck in a contract for well over a year? If any of the above apply to you, you may have fallen for a domain name scam.

Domain name scams occur when a domain name registrar sends you and “invoice” to renew your domain registration, but it really is an agreement to switch to their services.

Scott Karlo, founder of Internet Know How (IKH), LLC, offers these helpful tips on how prevent your company from falling for domain name scams.

Prevent Domain Name Scams by:

• Setting up automated renewals with timely advanced warnings prior to billing period. This allows you to know when a renewal date is scheduled and in turn you can ignore any other “invoices” you may receive from other companies since you know exactly how much and when your next payment is due.

• Using the registrar’s domain locking feature to protect it from being taken without authorization. This prevents registrar companies from initiating a transfer request to pull your domain to their system. By locking your domain you save yourself the time, hassle and cost of switching back away from them.

• Carefully review invoices from the registrar companies before mailing in the requested payment due. Many companies assume that the invoice is real. It passes through accounts payable, who recognize the web address, pay it. Since they are fearful of losing the domain they don’t tend to question the invoices legitimacy. Investigate who the invoice is from before paying it!

• Finding an internet consulting firm that will be able to monitor your domain names on a regular basis and keep track of renewal dates. Hiring an internet consulting firm relieves the headache of domain name scams. Your company can ignore all mailings regarding your website domain registration.

About the author:

Internet Know How has been building websites and preventing domain name scams for their clients since March of 1996. IKH believes strongly in developing websites that reflect a company’s personality and philosophy. They take the time to fully understand a company’s mission, history and offerings, in order to build successful Internet ventures. In addition to preventing domain name scams they offer complete shopping cart ecommerce packages, search engine optimization, “Do It Yourself” website tools and e-mail marketing. For more information about IKH call Scott Karlo at 330.587.0125 or visit

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