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If you’d like to unearth the best-kept secrets of major software developers, PC manufacturers, and even computer technicians, keep your eyes glued to this page. You won’t find this insider information anywhere else on the Web, Why? Because the computer industry doesn’t want you to find out. If everybody knew these secrets it would cost the industry millions of dollars in lost hardware and software sales!

So what’s this secret? Well, I’ll tell you, it will transform a standard PC into a fast, efficient, and highly stable machine, it only takes minutes to do, anyone can do it and it uses NO dangerous methods such as over-clocking or disassembling your computer!

If you are truly serious about using Daniel’s method on your PC, I know you’ll find the rest of this letter to be extremely valuable. Because he’s going to show you precisely how you can do it, without even a shred of technical skill, If you can click a mouse button you can easily optimize your PC in Minutes!

I doubled the speed of my PC thanks to Daniel and I’m just one of the many people who save hundreds of dollars each year on PC expenses, If you’d like to join us, listen carefully to what Daniel shares below.

I would just like to state, THIS IS NO JOKE, If you used just one of my methods listed in this report, I guarantee that you would have a much faster, more efficient and much more powerful computer!

As James stated above, It only takes minutes to do, ANYONE can do it and you don’t even have to open up your computer, If you can click a mouse button, you can easily optimize your PC today!

So would you like to Double the speed of your Computer?

Good, That’s why I’ve created this Web page, but on the Internet it’s tough to know who to believe. There are just so many people making ridiculous claims, it’s insane. It’s like day after day, you get hit with hype after hype. In a moment, I’ll tell you specifically what I can do for you, but for now I’m going explain why this is NOT just another hype..

One: I’m NOT going to promise you false claims like how to make your PC the equivalent to a $4000, top of the range, Pentium 4 speed machine. That’s total hype. How could I guarantee such a thing?

Two: I don’t hide behind a P.O. Box, a fake postal address nor an email address. I’ve had the same postal address for over 15 years now and it isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Three: Over 25 thousand people have used my recommendations and I get dozens of emails every day from people like you thanking me for such excellent information.

You’ll just be so shocked of what this report is capable of, you’re about to discover some of the most amazing secrets to speed up and optimize your PC that you will ever learn, you can do everything in this report without spending a single cent on hardware and I will show you exactly how in these two main categories:

1) Hardware Optimization – e.g. CPU, modem, hard disk, CD drive, memory etc…

(2) Software Optimization – e.g. Internet Explorer, Outlook, Media Player, Office 2000 etc…

By using these methods you’re going to make every aspect of your System have much more power, speed, efficiency, stability and Just for starters, here are just a few ways to instantly Optimize your PC’s hardware:

Hardware Optimization – These Methods

Will Boost your PC in seconds!

You will be amazed once you know…

How to speed up ANY PC (running any windows operating system) with ANY internet connection (dial-up, Cable, ISDN, T1, satellite, etc..)
How to instantly recover the Memory Windows steals from your computer, this will make your computer faster and much more reliable!
Discover how you can boost your modem speed to make your Internet access up to five times faster.

Optimize a certain part of your memory that results in a better and improved system performance
Discover how to increase your downloading speed from 100% to 500%.
How you can instantly stop Windows from either ‘Crashing’ or getting ‘Illegal Operations’.

Discover how to never get disconnected off the internet again
How to get your PC to search the entire world for the fastest route for your downloads, This will increase your download speed from anything between 50% to 400%.

How you can clean hundreds or thousands of unwanted garbage files from your hard disk and system registry just taking up precious space.

Double the speed your PC takes to boot/start up!
Discover how to make your CPU (Processor) have a faster performance rate!
How to automatically regain Lost/used memory!
How to speed up the opening and closing of programs by 100%
Discover how to enable a faster CD/DVD drive speed!
Learn how to cool down your CPU to help it run faster and more efficiently

Software Optimization – Instantly Improve
the reliability and efficiency of your software
These following methods will optimize, tweak and improve the following
software on your PC:

Microsoft word
Internet explorer
Window media player
Microsoft windows
MS paint
Microsoft office 2000 and XP
Outlook express
Disk clean up
Plus Much More, Just Imagine….

…You start to follow the easy step by step instructions illustrated in this report and before you know it you’re finished, you admit to yourself that it was definitely easy to do, but will it work?

Expecting nothing major to happen, you restart your PC…

Your PC takes just one minute to start up, that’s over 100% increase in your start up speed, but you think nothing of this, is was probably just a ‘one off’

Being slightly skeptical still, You decide to see if these so called ‘tweaks’ have actually effected your internet speed, you load up your internet browser and ‘Bham’ you can’t believe it, up flashes your homepage in just a couple of seconds, you also visit several other Websites and are overall very impressed with the speed, your skepticism is fading fast!

But not yet fully convinced, You decide to see what your download speeds are capable of, you go to your favorite MP3 site and click on one of the music files. ‘WOW’ it downloads the song in under 10 minutes, only last week, the exact same same file took over 15 minutes to download…You find this amazing!

You decide to try it again but this time with a different song, you click on another file and same thing starts to happen, your download gets to 78% when suddenly it stops, what has happened? You turn around to find your wife yanking out the internet cable, stating she’s in desperate need of the telephone, Oh well you think, you can always download the song another day, but when she plugs it back in, ‘You’re Astounded’, your PC automatically reconnects to the internet and carries on the download from where it left off!

After you have downloaded the second song, you are quite taken back by all of this and you want to see if it has improved any of your other PC’s capabilities, you decide to try out some of your favorite software!

While you are searching for your software, you start to notice that ‘on the whole’ Microsoft Windows is running much faster and smoother, especially the menu systems! You find the program you’re looking for and click on it, it opens in a matter of seconds, your PC normally struggles to open this particular program, but not now, it opens with ease, then something strange happens….

A message appears on your screen stating that your memory is being boosted back up, within 3 seconds you now have half of your system’s memory back, pretty impressive you think, but what’s all this extra memory going to do?

Then you find out… your software feels much different than before, it feels much quicker, more responsive and much more efficient ….

…BUT this Story goes on and on! There’s just so much more, I couldn’t possibly list it all here. And this is why I’m offering you my private collection of PC speed tips and secrets on a completely risk-free basis.

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