Driving Free Traffic To Your Blog

How can you drive “free” traffic to your blog? You can’t. But
that’s only because nothing is really free. In the end you can
either buy traffic with money or you can buy traffic by
investing time. Time IS money, hence my statement that there’s
no free traffic.

If your goal is to drive traffic to your blog and pay for it
with an investment of your time, instead of with gold or coin
of the realm, then you’re in luck because that is entirely
possible if you are ingenious enough to figure out the best
ways to do it.

Therein lies the problem. Let’s make believe that time really
IS money. Let’s make believe that you only have 10 hours in
your “time bank account” to spend on finding ingenious ways to
drive traffic to your blog without writing checks or whipping
out the charge card. How should you invest that money?

The answer for most people is to start sniffing around the
Internet looking for other people’s ideas and suggestions.
You’ll run across all of the amateur ideas like: “Advertise
your blog on Free-For-All (FFA) link sites” or “join e-mail
safe lists”. Yeah, why not just post ads everywhere saying
“Here is my email address. Please SPAM me”. Because that’s all
you are going to get in return.

Moving a bit further up the idea chain you’ll probably
encounter people who say “Get links from other blogs that
point to yours”. Now that’s a wonderful idea, and it does
work, but consider this: There is new blog appearing on the
Internet every 7.8 seconds! If every blogger started asking
every other blogger for reciprocal links, then entire Internet
would likely come to a dead stop in about a week due to the
shear volume of email that all of those requests would
generate. Not to mention all of the time that you have to
spend finding suitable blogs to link to, contacting the owners
and managing the link process.

If you’ve only got those imaginary 10 hours to spend on
finding ways to drive free traffic to your site, then you have
to zoom in on those underutilized “secret”, not-everyone-and-
his-brother-is-doing. “ah ha moment” methods that showcase
your blog like a lamp burning at the top of a mountain at
night. You need solid ideas that really work.

The best way to find solid ideas that really work is to find
someone who already has invested the time in discovering and
improving those ways and who is willing to share them with

That means that the best way to DISCOVER free ways to drive
traffic to your blog is to BUY those secrets from a pro. Sure,
you’re spending money to acquire the information, but you’ll
end up with some great traffic-builders that aren’t going to
cost you a penny out of your REAL banking account to

The end result is: You get free, quality traffic to your blog
and you didn’t waste 10 hours (10 weeks is more like it),
trying every harebrain scheme that you encountered on the ‘net
while you were looking.

Go to the experts when you need help. That’s my idea of
investing your time AND your money wisely.

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