Eleven Ideas to Generate More Direct Mail Responses

1. When writing copy for your direct mail marketing pieces, make sure to indent the first line of each paragraph. It, literally, pulls your potential customers into the copy you’ve written.

2. Quote famous people or staff members often. Customers pay attention to what others have to say.

3. Gather testimonials from satisfied customers, and use them often. They not only make your sales pitch believable, they make it seem that people ‘just like them’ need these types of products or services as well.

4. Write up a situation, or case history, where your business solved a difficult problem for a customer. Show potential clients that you can actually solve problems for them.

5. Create a FAQ or Questions and Answer section in your direct mail marketing piece. They are not only easy to read, but interested consumers can jump to what they need to know first, without wasting any time.

6. Use select methods to give emphasis to certain sections of your direct mail marketing letters, such as CAPS, bold, underlines or indents.

7. Try and use facts and figures as much as possible to not only break up the copy, but draw the reader in with statistical information. It helps sell that your business is professional and dependable.

8. Color grabs your audience immediately, and tells them a story. Make sure to use it as much as you can afford to in all of your direct mail outs.

9. #, $, %, -, +. They all attract attention, because they are characters not normally used in written advertisements. Use them when you can, without overdoing it.

10. Write like your audience speaks, or reads. Without copy that sings to your intended customers, they’ll never get around to reading it.

11. Make all of your marketing pieces as personal as possible. If you have a name, use it often. If you don’t, try and use something that is original and creative, such as ‘Dear Human Resources Expert’ instead of, ‘Dear Sirs’.

If you choose to use many or all of these direct mail marketing techniques in your mail outs, you’ll get lots of interested clients calling and knocking on your door, wanting to know more.

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