EMPATHY, not “Internet Traffic” – key to home based business success?

Having EMPATHY, as we define it, could be your secret to your home based business success. You were either born with it or you were not. If you were born with it, you will never loose it. If you were not born with it, you can become more empathetic, but not like a person with the Natural Talent of EMPATHY. Mary Kay, of Mary Kay Cosmetics, has the Natural Talent of EMPATHY and she did just that. Yes, Mary Kay did business plans, cash flow projections, marketing analysis, etc. Although these are needed to be successful, they can be hired or learned from courses, workshops or books. Mary Kay’s EMPATHY cannot be learned from courses. It is what gave her the competitive edge.

EMPATHY, as we define it, is a Natural Talent. Building your work at home business around your Natural Talents is your key to success. Most people, who work at home, have little sense of their Talents, much less how to build a business around them. They are masters at knowing their weaknesses. They will develop Internet traffic generation systems, work to get a high Page Rank, and hire Search Engine Optimizers, while their Natural Talents lie dormant and neglected.

This is the second in a series of articles describing the 34 Natural Talents that can make you successful when you work at home. Your Talents are what give you the “edge” in the market place. The purpose of this article is to help the people working at home identify their Talents and what to do with them, once they are identified.

First, examine, do you have EMPATHY as we define it? EMPATHY defined is: “A person that loves to relate. They can sense the emotions of those around them. They feel what others are feeling as though they were their own feelings. Intuitively, they are able to see through the other person’s eyes and share their perspective. They do not necessarily agree with each person’s perspective. They do not necessarily feel pity for each person’s predicament. That would be sympathy, not empathy. They do not necessarily condone the choices each person makes, but they do understand. They hear the unvoiced questions. They anticipate needs. When others cannot find the words, they seem to find the right words and the right tone. They help people find the right phrases to express their feelings. They help others give voice to their emotional life.

A person with EMPATHY can go into a home based business such as selling ebooks, and be successful, however, it is much easier and a lot more fulfilling for someone with EMPATHY if they go into a business that requires a lot of personal contact and customer service.

A 20-year study conducted tracked 1,500 people who set out to become wealthy. Of these people, 1245 decided to go into a line of work that they didn’t particularly enjoy, (selling ebooks?) but which promised a lot of money. The other 255 did what they loved (Natural Talent?) hoping the money would follow. 100 of the 255 who did what they loved eventually became millionaires. Only 1 person in the 1245 who pursued the money became a millionaire.

EMPATHY is only one of the thirty-four Natural Talents that have been identified by the Gallup organization. The Gallup organization, of the Gallup Poll fame, interviewed 2 million successful people, spent millions of dollars and recorded the results for 25 years to identify these Natural 34 Talents.

For the home based business owner that wants more information about their specific Natural Talents, Tax Moms is sponsoring a FREE 9-week Experience called the “Be Financially Free with Ninergy – the Experience. The purpose of the Experience is to help people, which work at home, identify which of the 34 Natural Talents they possess and how to develop them.

The 9-week live webcast-conference is provided free and does not promote any book, product, franchise, service, or home based business. At the end of 9-weeks the participants will understand how their “Natural Talents” can cause their failure or lead to their success. It is a person’s lack of understanding of their “Natural Talent,” not the product; search engines, business plan, or capitalization is the reason for business failure. It is now their choice.

Registration is limited to 500. There is no cost to participate in any part of the Experience. The first part of the Experience arrives on July 4, 2005, Your Financial Independence Day. Register at http://ninergyexperience.com

The Natural Talents as defined in this article are from the book “Now, Discover your Strengths” by Marcus Buckingham & Donald O. Clifton, Ph D. Tax Moms is not affiliated with the Gallup organization or the StrengthsFinder® group, nor certified by them.

About the author:

Coralee LaFresnaye is the Vice President of Tax Moms. Tax Moms maintain a Nationwide “Virtual Tax Office.” There is always a Tax Mom available. The reason, all calls rings on EVERY Tax Mom’s phone nationwide SIMULTANEOUSLY. Since Tax Moms is nationwide network of CPAs, IRS Enrolled Agents, and State Certified/Public Tax Preparers only tax professionals answer the phone. All tax questions are answered free.

Coralee LaFresnaye directs the daily operations of Tax Moms. She has been an Entrepreneur and/or Tax Professional for 34 years specializing in small businesses. http://ninergyexperience.com

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