Engage the Power of the Internet to Find Your Perfect Home

Marianne Bandy

Finding the perfect home is always a challenge. It’s easy to
be overwhelmed by the number of choices and all the time
required. But the challenges have gotten much easier for
buyers who use My Buying Buddy®. It’s a system that permits
“virtual tire kicking” of homes listed by the Multiple
Listing Service (MLS).

My Buying Buddy makes it a lot easier for buyers to research
their options. And it lets me focus on the other services
necessary to complete the deal (like showing properties,
communicating with lenders, negotiating the purchase with
the seller’s agent, etc.). Since I installed this system on
my website, http://www.bandyhomes.com 70% of my clients
find me through Internet searches. It’s my experience that
these buyers are better educated, have higher incomes, and
are more motivated than typical lookers.

A large percentage of online buyers looking for Denver real
estate, haven’t moved here yet. They’re using the Internet
to assist their relocations. This program lets them narrow
their choices and decisions without needing to be here.

Delve into the MLS Yourself

Realtor® is a trademark of National Association of Realtors.
Only members get full access to the MLS, which lists all the
properties for sale by local Realtors. Every listed
property can be sold by any member. The public isn’t allowed
to look into the database of listings. That’s reserved for
licensed brokers who are members.

Traditionally, buyers had to rely on their real estate agent
to tell them about what was available (given their desires
and resources). Now, buyers can do their own searches, with
direct access to the same listings as their broker. To see
Denver homes for sale, buyers can see the latest information,
and even receive up-dates about changes regarding properties
of interest.

My Buying Buddy Streamlines Locating “The Home” Buyers Hope
to Find

The software system provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use
home search service of the MLS. This buyer-friendly system
was developed by Blue Fire Marketing,
http://www.bluefiremarketing.com I consider it an
incredible tool for the Denver real estate market. It’s
already available in several Colorado markets, the San
Francisco bay area and parts of California and Texas. And
more communities are adopting My Buying Buddy all the time.

When it became available, I saw its power, and was one of
the first to climb aboard. My entire website is oriented
around this system since it automates and simplifies many
tasks required to find the perfect home.

The Denver MLS consistently lists over 25,000 properties, of
which over 16,000 are residential properties. That’s too
many to sort through without powerful software. But this
program lets buyers be actively involved in finding and
comparing the best listings.

My Buying Buddy Benefits

– Shows featured listings
– Locates homes in the MLS according to your criteria
– Saves properties, so you can keep track of homes you like
– Saves your search criteria from one session to the next
– Gives email notification of new listings
– Sends you email alerts about changes on homes of
interest: daily or weekly

More People Trust the Internet to Locate Major Purchases
like Homes

Increasingly, people turn to the Web to make critical buying
decisions. The public’s high expectations are caused by
three trends:
– Two-thirds of US Internet users have more than three
years experience online
– Websites have gotten much better at giving people what
they want – in the way they want it
– Search tools have become more powerful, so people can
locate the information they’re looking for (like My Buying

Research studies about used car sales and hiring attorneys
demonstrate that people even turn to online resources before
making expensive purchases and commitments. The Internet has
replaced newspaper classifieds as the primary place to go
for used car information.

The more comfortable people become online, the more home
buyers go online to seek out desired information. Depending
on the source, up to 70% of all purchasers turn to the Web
during their home search and buying process.

Test Drive My Buying Buddy on my Website –

I’m a real estate professional who enjoys the human side of
transactions. I care about helping families meet their needs
and find what they love. This buyer-friendly system lets me
do even more to assist my clients. And it involves them to
the extent they want to be. See for yourself how beautifully
technology can improve the home search experience.
©2004, Marianne Bandy

About the author:

Marianne Bandy, Realtor® – Denver, Colorado and surrounding
communities. Use My Buying Buddy® to search the MLS listings
to find your perfect home yourself. Helping families – From
My Heart to Your Home. http://www.bandyhomes.com(303)

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