EQ Relativity: When a Louisiana Woman’s on the Other Side, t

Somebody asked me, “Can there be too much emotion?” Heavens no! It fuels every great thing ever done. Make no mistake what it can accomplish.

“Hey!” shouts Conway Twitty, beginning that great C&W classic, “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man.”

Lo-retta Lynn joins right in, every bit his equal, “Louisiana woman, Mississippi man, We get together every time we can, The Mississippi River can’t
keep us apart.” Then Conway, “There’s too much love in this Mississippi heart,” then Loretta, “Too much love in this Louisiana heart.”

Brain stem? Limbic brain? Yes! And ain’t it grand? Someone’s about to do something impossible.

Obstacles will need to be overcome. There could be problems, oh yes, because, sings that Mississippi man:

See the alligator all a- waitin’ nearby
Sooner or later, they know I’m gonna try
When she wave from the bank
Don’t you know I know
It’s a-goodbye fishin’ line,
see you while ago.
With a Louisiana woman waiting on the other side
The Mississippi River don’t look so wide.

Don’t you love that “goodbye fishin’ line, see you while ago”? What will propel him forward on this dangerous mission? Don’t underestimate that “wave
from the bank.”

The chorus comes in every time to remind us –

Louisiana woman, Mississippi man,
We get together ever time we can
The Mississippi River can’t keep us apart
There’s too much love in this Mississippi heart
Too much love in this Louisiana heart.

The greatest love songs are duets; the matching strength of the two voices, the synergy. Doh?

But what if he doesn’t have the nerve? She won’t be stopped. She’ll do it. Read on:

Well I thought I’d been loved
But I never had
Till I was wrapped in the arms of
A Mississippi man
When he holds me close it feels almost
Like another hurricane just ripped the Coast.
If he can’t come to me, I’m a-gonna go to him,
That Mississippi River, lawd I’m gonna swim.

Ya gotta hear Lo-retta ay “herricane.” Passion … from whence cometh courage. She’ll do it if he won’t. But still he hesitates…

HE SAYS: Well the Mississippi River, lawd it’s one mile wide
And I’m gonna get me to the other side
SHE SAYS: Mississippi man I’m a-losin’ my mind
Gotta have your lovin’ one more time
HE SAYS: I’m gonna jump in the River
And a-here I go
Too bad alligator, ya swam too slow.

How sweet is that? Metaphysically, the male is the passive energy. The female lights the fire and activates it. By the end, Conway’s yelling, “Hey-y-y-!” There he goes. Too bad alligators.
They will always swim too slow! And BTW, it will always feel like a hurricane ripping through your Coast, and you’ll always fear you’re gonna write bad checks.

Fear is excitement turned upside down. Passion is the only thing that energizes. It’s the only way anything great ever happens, and it’s the best
damn reason in the world to get up in the morning!

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