Five Things to Look For to Join Any Affiliate Program!

Here’s a really simple way… to find out which affiliate program provides all the 7 packages to join an affiliate

When I wanted to start to join an affiliate program it took me awhile to pick the best one. My inbox was filled up with all these advertisements and I just didn’t know how to pick the right program.

Now how would you know which program is going to bring the best profit? I personally believe that a lot of the income is created from the effort an affiliate marketer puts into a program. I have 7 tips for you before you pick the best one.

1. Look for the best commission.

You need a program that will pay you a good commission rate. It should pay you at least 20% of each sale. A good rate is 50% and anything above that is ideal. You should also look for how often they pay. Some programs pay you twice a month and sometimes every week. Most programs also only pay you
when you have earned a base amount.

2. Look for a good Back Office Support.

What is the support for your program like? Do they have a good list of Frequently Asked Questions “AKA”, a contact email address with a quick response? Any more than 3 days for a response is too long. Programs that offer live chat is even better.

3. Statistics for you to see.

The program should offer an automated and immediate reaction to your statistics. They should automatically contact you when you receive a client, prospect, lead, customer or when you make a sale. It should also be ready to view in your downline as soon as you have the knowledge of the sale etc.

4. The program must have Incentives.

It is important to have marketing tools to keep track of business and weekly training from successful people that is making it. If it has marketing letters or articles that is a plus.

5. Find out if you will get monthly reports or updates.

Every good program will have news and training updates sent to your inbox so you can learn what works best for the
program and what the top affiliates of the program are doing. You should also be able to read this on their website.


Before you dive into anything, it is important to do your business. Learn as much as you can and make sure you feel comfortable with your decision before going ahead. If you look for these 5 Tips when you start looking for the best affiliate program, I guarantee you that you won’t be
disappointed when you join that company. This will save you time and money. When I joined a program, I was pretty glad I joined a company with all the 5 packages.

After reading this article, I believe you will be an expert once you see an affiliate program. It will take time to know a legitimate program.

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About the Author

John Navata is a 24 year old entrepreneur that has started internet marketing for 5 years. Now showing people what to look for before joining any affiliate programs.

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