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Arun Pal Singh

May I ask a question if you do not mind…?

What does your business mean to you? Please choose an honest answer.
– Making a living.
– Freedom from job
– Realization of your dreams.
– All of the above

I hope you chose the right option.

Everyday million of people get up and think ‘Oh no! I have to go to office again.’ It is something they dread. Whether they realize this or not is a different issue. Have you noticed how excited people are over their weekends as they will be off the work and can enjoy.

That reflects they do not enjoy what they do. But they continue with that. Yes, they have sufficient reasons- mortgage, seniority, children and security to name a few. There is another good reason worth mentioning – lack of willingness and lack of initiative to start their own venture.

A lot of people dream about working for themselves. Dreaming is easy. It costs nothing.

But that is end for many. Moving beyond that involves risk. Their security is too precious.

Nevertheless with advent of internet, home business things have been made simpler and easier.

You do not need to leave your present job and still can start a home business that you can manage in your part time. Initial struggle period is buffered by your job. You can manage your investment capital better and there is job to fall back upon.

Things could not be simpler. Nice paradigm. A surge in home businessmen and businesswomen proves this.

But then people still fail in their ventures. There could not be better time. There could not be a better platform. But people still do not capitalize the opportunity to its full extent. What could be the reason?

No. Please do not say that internet saturation has occurred. The net is not to be blamed. Internet is wonderful medium of communication. It has made millions pursue and achieve their dreams. It is not saturated. Not yet and not for a long time in near future.
On the contrary it expands day by day.

It may appear a bit complex owing to its virtual entity but it is not saturated.

But internet is only a medium. It does not run business for you. It makes it automated and easier once you understand what is what. Still the person who does the business is responsible for outcome.

So what sets a successful businessman apart from an unsuccessful one hypothesizing that both have equal knowledge?




I know an entrepreneur who would get up early and work till his eyes would droop with sleep again, socialized minimally and never cared about what he ate.

‘Why don’t you ever take a break and enjoy sometimes?’ Many including me asked.

‘I enjoy my work. Why should I take a break?’ He would always respond.

That man is millionaire now. Still works like crazy.

Though that state is an extreme for most of us but that does leave a lesson. To be a success one needs to work with passion.

When you bring passion to your business (Of course for that you need to like what you do). it reflects everywhere. It reflects in your website. It reflects in your sales letter, you promotions. You come across a genuine person. Your words start delivering the better message. Your results start improving and success prepones its appointment with you.

There could not be better key to success in home business. It is easier to admire a successful person’s working. But when we want the same success, the input has to be of similar nature.

Let me come back to my original question.

What was your response?

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