Get Viral!

Hey, using eBooks, eReports and eCourses is a fantastic way
to build a list.

You can use these things as an “incentive” for joining your
affiliate program, as a “thank you” for visiting your site,
a “bonus” when someone purchases a product/service from
you. The possibilities are endless!!

Many eBusiness people use them, however, some are making
TWO HUGE MISTAKES when they do use them. Here is
what they do…

1. They upload these things to their site and publish the
download link WITHOUT capturing an email address and

The WHOLE POINT of using this “stuff” is to build a list.
YOU CAN’T MARKET TO A GHOST!!! Instead of uploading
your items to your server and just publishing the download
link, work smarter… Set yourself up with a mini-site where
you can direct people to and for the PRICE of their email
address and name, they can have the download link sent
to them.

NOW you have a warm body to market to AND you know
what they are interested in.

2. They don’t take advantage of customizing eBooks, etc
with THEIR OWN links.

You want your marketing efforts to pay off for YOU. If
you are giving away an eBook with someone else’s links in
it then all your marketing is paying off for the person
whose links are inside. WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT??

There are tons of people out there falling into that trap.
However, right now YOU’RE my concern. If they want
to not bother spending a little extra and purchase a
customization license that’s their downfall. Actually,
we want those people because if they distribute our
eBook with our links inside, great…they are marketing
for us.

But, no, no my friend. You are into working
smarter…not harder. So ensure that if there is a
customization license and if you can afford it, then
upgrade to it. Get your links, site name, url and in
some cases ads in the books, courses and reports
you are giving away.

THEN encourage those who do request your reports,
etc to give them away to their networks, downlines and
associates. Your links and info are laced within and
when people open it they see YOU and THAT’S WHAT

Here are two products which have customization licenses
available, which won’t break the bank.

1. “How To Turn A Simple Sign Up Process Into An…
Unstoppable Income Stream.” (eBook)

2. “How To Guarantee eBusiness Success” (eCourse)

A “mini-site” is included so all you have to do is paste in
your autoresponder address or web form and you are good
to go.

Viral marketing is the most cost effective marketing tool
we have. An eBook or eCourse laced with your links inside
can end up in more places than you could dream possible,
and of course reach on your own.

Use viral marketing to its FULLEST and get it pulling for
you and your ebusiness ;o)

About the author:

Denise Ryder is a Marketing Coach writing from her home
office in Northern Ontario (Canada). Imagine What You
Could Accomplish With a Marketing Coach in Your Back
Pocket! Take the test drive

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