Google Is Giving Hundreds Of Dollars Away!

Google Adsense will make you REAL MONEY!

I had heard so many times about the google Adsense Program that I decided a couple of months ago to make the step and sign up for a google adsense account. I told myself, It’s free, easy to install so what is the worst thing that can happen to me? That I will be wasting my time? Well for little or no effort I was ready to make the step

If this google adsense program was going to reduce my website costs or even pay for all the costs I was already more than happy. The site already had what was needed to make the money: visitors interested in learning more about the topics of my site.

This was the start of a great and exciting adventure. My Google Adsense adventure.

The first step, signing up for the program was easy, My site, already indexed by google was accepted right away without any problems. So no I could start making money with the adsense program.
Thank God I had a very easy way to display my pages so copy and paste of the code in the right spot was just a matter of minutes.

Now the most exciting part came, 2 times a day checking my google account to see what I made from the clicks of the visitors. And yes, Day 1, 10 clicks made me about 1.15$ this was a great start. I just placed the code on very few pages to testride the google adsense. Day 2 even better 16 click this was going the right way. But than came day 3………. Only 2 clicks……. What happened?

This bad result of the Google Adsense on my site was the start of a still ongoing search to find the best way to use the google program. This resulted I finding a forum dedicated to the Google Ads. You can find it here if you are interested

In the meanwhile I learned a lot already. I learned so much that I already have 4 sites running the Google ads and every time I learned a new trick my income goes up and up. Now I don’t have only 16 click but I have hundreds of clicks every day.

Conclusion: The Google Adsense program is a great tool for every webmaster whether you only want to cover your operational costs or you want to make money from it. And I can assure you, it is possible to make a very good monthly income with google. I will continue to make websites with great content for people and I will add the google ads to them, they are a valuable asset to my site for myself as well as my visitors who this way find a lot of extra interesting resources about the same stuff they are reading on my site.

Google’s program is very sophisticated and the ads are automatically based on the content of your pages. They change constantly giving your site a new and fresh look every time a visitor comes to it.

For thoses interested in learning more about the adsense program and additional information I included some links that will give you a lot of valuable information and they will help you a lot in making more money with google.

Topsense Website
This is a list with the top paying keywords used at google. Some of these words will make you 30$ a click. If you want to start a site , target your site contents to these words.

Google Adsense Secrets Website
This top e book made me multiply my adsense clicks by 4 in only 1 week. This ebook is highly recommended.

Adsense Tracker website
One of the most important things to know is which add make the most money on your site. It is also important to know which pages generate income and which don’t, the top colors of the ads or the best spots to put them on. This can all be done in a breeze with this tracker. A must for every google adsense webmaster.

About the author:

Peter Vermeeren is webmaster of several sites and on all of them he uses the Google Adsense Program with great success. Take a look at them here :

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