Handling The Objection: What does it cost?

Glen Snethun

Have you ever presented an idea to someone and the first question they ask is, “What does it cost?” If so, that is your first clue that your prospect has a poverty mindset. Why do I say that?

We attract into our lives what we focus on the most. Think about it for a moment. How can we honestly ask that question when we know nothing about the product or opportunity?

It’s like a friend telling me that they know of a house for sale that I might be interested in. If the first question I ask is, “How much does it cost?” then I really haven’t understood anything about the defining aspects of the house.

If my friend says answers with “$300,000” —that does not serve me well! At the time, I may respond, “I’m not interested.” But what if it turns out that this house just recently sold for $500,000 and I could have had the chance at purchasing it for $300,000? I would have lost $200,000 simply by having a poverty mindset.

If one of the first questions from your prospect is: “How much does it cost?”, tell them to use all the information (that you will provide) to investigate the entire product or service before asking about price. How can they truly put a value on something they know nothing about and have never seen?

If they’re still not convinced, tell them to picture the richest person they know in a car dealership parking lot checking out Jaguars. Does he go to each car and immediately say, “What does this cost?” No! They check out the features of the vehicle and then decide if the value is worth the money.

The same principles apply to your own life as well. Don’t be so quick to toss opportunity aside. Not everything presented to you may appear to have value. But how can you confirm that without first doing your due diligence? I discovered this secret and have since attracted significantly more opportunity and prosperity into my own life.

You owe it to yourself to adopt a prosperity mindset. If you truly believe in your product or opportunity, you will attract those with the same mindset. Without a prosperity mindset, your career in sales or network marketing could be very short.

So the next time a prospect’s first question is, “What does it cost?”—recognize the prosperity mindset. If they refuse to check out your product’s/service features—like you’d turn a fish back to the water—let ‘em go!

About the author:

Glen Snethun is a full-time Internet businessman: stock trader, author and coach. Glen dedicates his time to showing others how to create multiple streams of income using the Internet. Get ideas from Glen at http://www.glensnethun.org

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