Home based Business – Tips for Time Management

Unless we devote enough time for our home business we cannot expect to get positive results. Just setting up a home business is not sufficient. It will not run on its own.

You may think that you are fully occupied with your home management and left with no free time at your disposal, even though you wished it so. If you really want to make some extra bucks from home along with managing your home and kids, lack of time cannot be considered as an excuse. If that strong will is there, all that you have to do is make adjustments with your routine work at home and proper time management. It can be easily achieved by little bit of planning and organising your routine work.

1. It is worth remembering the old saying, “If there is a will there is a way”. If you organize your work in a better way you will be surprised to find that extra time that you very badly needed to devote towards your home based business.

2. Spend some time thinking to find out where your time is spent more than it is absolutely needed. Ask yourself “Can I manage this work by reducing 15 minutes of my time spent for this”? If more of your time is spent in cooking you have to sit and think how you can finish your cooking faster and get some time from that task. The easier thing will be if you plan what you are going to do in advance instead of rushing each time. A planned work can be finished faster than the one done without any planning.

3. Teaching the kids to be self- disciplined and self-reliant is another method to find time. If they can do some of their work without your help you will get some free time. The older child can be given the responsibility of taking care of the younger ones when you are busy with your home business or other work, for which don’t forget to reward them for their understanding. Also engage them with something they enjoy doing when you are busy with your work.

4. Are you spending more time watching television? Do you think it is absolutely essential to spend that much time? By giving up some of your regular serials and soaps you will find some extra time at your disposal.

Not only the ones mentioned above, anything which takes your time such as gardening, shopping, paying bills, running errands, visiting friends and relatives, afternoon naps, chatting and gossiping with friends etc can be reevaluated and you will be able to squeeze some time there.

In the beginning, this type of adjustments will be little difficult, but soon you will see its worth. But once your mind is set for finding time to work for your home business, gradually it will become a practice of finishing your work faster. You will soon find the extra time for what you always wanted to do.

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