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Mal Keenan

Having attended my first Internet marketing seminar, hosted by Frank Garon in the U.K on June 11th/12th, I am not surprised at the content of each speaker’s presentations.

Now before you go tell the online world that Mal Keenan is branding Frank Garon’s seminars as predictable, let me explain…..

Noticing the top of each speakers’ list of topics for discussion, each contributor had one thing in common, and that was the word “Mindset” or a similar term relating to the attitude with which you approach your online business.

You see I have always held the view, and it was confirmed at this conference, that you MUST get your head right before you even think about becoming a success at ANYTHING. My home business newsletter( http://www.home-business-tips-newsletter.com/ ) for a long time now has given equal space to the “Mindset for success” aspect of business……I have made a point to feature a success article every week aswel as an Internet Marketing “how to” article. The ATTITUDE is AS Important as the DOING.

Success IS NOT going to come overnight and it is better that you enter into a business venture with this fact in mind. Of all the successful people online, the vast majority have persisted for quite some time and surmounted many obstacles to get to where they are today.

Hard work is also involved….time should be set aside daily to work non-stop on your current project. “Non-stop” meaning avoidance of too much time spent on useless activities like constantly checking your commission statistics or email accounts for new sales. I have been guilty of this time waster in the past and even to this day.

Focus on your business and engage in at least one positive thing daily to add value to your business.

Look at the beliefs that may be holding you back, for instance, do you secretly harbor a belief that too much money will bring more responsibility than you can handle? You need to drop this idea immediately or it will sabotage all your success efforts.

In conclusion, one should devote equal time to working on the “inner” beliefs that propel or hinder our business success as to the planning and hard work that it takes to reach our goals.

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