Hot Tips For Ebay Buyers

Ebay is the world’s greatest e-commerce site. With over 147 million registered users from all over the world, it’s definitely here to stay. Whether you’re a newbie Ebay buyer or already an aficionado, you could always make use of the following tips on buying on Ebay.

Know exactly what you’re looking for.

There’s no other better way to waste your time browsing on eBay than not knowing what you’re actually looking for. If you’re not only looking for a single item, it will be helpful to jot down a list of your “searchable” items.

Browse like a pro.

In EBay, items are sorted and placed in almost 26,000 categories. If you would like to hasten the searching process, it will help if you look for the same keyword in the titles and captions of the item listings found. Just tick the small box right under the search box on the results page of your first search then hit the search button again.

Make use of your options.

To narrow down the category you’re searching in, click on the option box above the results, which is found on the right part of the screen. Then, you can choose whether you would like your results to be focused on “lowest price”, “highest price”, “newly listed” or “ending first”.

Inspect on the item.

Checking on the authenticity of an item, especially if it’s an antique or a memorabilia is a must. Do your homework by researching more, confirming its condition and not just relying on its photograph. Comparing it with similar items will also improve your chances of purchasing an item that’s worth your dough.

Know your seller.

Your seller might be continents away from you. It would be a wise move on your part to check on your seller’s credibility. Seeing his feedback rating is one way to accomplish this. It’s a number that’s followed by a star. Reading the item’s description carefully may also help in ensuring that you won’t get ripped off. The return policies, mode of payment, and postage costs must be noted well. Also, the “ask seller a question” option is not placed there just for any reason. Make the most out of it.

Be the Best Bidder.

If an item you value a lot is auctioned and you want to jump in, go stick to your maximum bid. Bidding higher without really analyzing the item’s worth commonly happens. Better consider that since you’re the one buying, you call the shots on where your money will go. Sniping services can also help in this endeavor.

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