How To Create A Website That Search Sngines Will Love.

It is a well known fact that “Content is King”.

An information laden website relevant to a specific niche is the life-blood of Search Engines and they love them. The more ontent you have on your website, the greater your chances of enjoying a decent search engine ranking.

After all, it is information that brought about the Internet in the first place and it is information that draws more and more people to the Internet every day.

If you are thinking of building a website for the first time, you need to be asking yourself two key questions:

1) Where do I get all the articles that I need to build a content laden website?

2) How do I build a content laden website without getting too technical?

Hundreds of authors provide articles for free reprint, and these articles cover just about any subject you could think of.

Why do they do it? Two reasons:

1) To show off their expertise in their given niche.

2) To get incoming links to their website, product offer or their opportunity.

But don’t let these two reasons put you off using them. Remember, you need good quality content on your site, to feed the information hungry search engines and keep people coming back to you website.

So where do you find the articles you need to include on your website?

There are many article directories on the Internet, some specialising in a particular field, others are more general in nature, but with categorised sections.

Here are a few to get you started.

You can also have articles emailed to you from any of the many article announcement groups that exist. Here are a few to explore:

You will need to subscribe to these, to receive the articles.

Now that you have found a whole bunch of articles to add to your website (the more, the better), how do you get them from the article directory to you website with the smallest amount of technical knowledge and as quickly as possible (like now!)?

As you find the articles that are based around your desired website theme, copy and paste each article into a text editor (Notepad) and then save each one into a directory on your hard drive.

Don’t forget to make sure that you have included all the elements of the article; the title, the authors name and copyright info, the actual article and the authors resource box, usually found at the bottom of the article.

Next you need an HTML template file.

Website templates are much like free reprint articles in that a quick search on your favourite Search Engine will provide you with hundreds of possibilities, some free, some for a small to moderate fee.

Just choose the one that you think best fits the theme of your new website.

So now you have possibly several hundred text files, each an individual article and a website template file. Now what?

I bet you are thinking that it will take you forever to add all those articles to your new template and require some technical knowledge; if I told you that all the hard work has already been done, would you believe me?

Well, it’s true, click this link to find out why:

About the author:

Tim Spencer is the owner of http://www.create-an-income.comPowerful time and labor saving Internet Marketing Software Tools for Webmasters and Home Business Entrepreneurs.

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