How to get 50 High PR One Way Links Each Month

John Gergye

It’s easy. So easy it’s almost criminal. But I can get one-way High PR links whenever I want.


Come closer. Let me whisper in your ear.

It involves articles, the google toolbar and a tracking sheet.

That’s it’s. Because there’s really nothing to getting high PR one way links.

====> Two Must Finds

All you do is find sites to post your articles on that do a good job of directing pagerank (PR) to their articles pages. Sadly many do not.

Others may but they don’t include that coveted live link from your article.

This just means you’ll have to look a little harder. Since the crown jewel in your search for sites to submit articles to is to find those with other articles that show lives links. And the pages they’re on sport at least PR 3 or higher.

Here’s why this is so powerful. You’ll typically get the lion’s share of that PR. Since unlike a links page, quite often the only external link is to the author’s web site.

Just think. While others are thrashing around trading links, you’re quietly developing high search rankings by simply submitting articles. Nifty seo twist on the idea of article marketing isn’t it?

====> Your Tracking Sheet

Setting up your tracking sheet is simple too. You want at least three headings including website URL, PR, Live Link.

What goes in the first should be obvious.

Jot down the PR of the article pages themselves in the second.

The third you simply note “Y” for yes if there is a live link from the article’s resource box back to the author’s web site. Or “N” for no if there is not.

Now for the tedious part – finding sites to host your articles.

Typically article banks, directories and the like are NOT going to be your best bet. Sorry. I’m not saying you shouldn’t submit articles to them as part of an overall article marketing scheme. Just don’t do so in the hopes of snapping up many high PR one way links is all.

Instead you want to use Google to help you find individual web sites that post articles. There are many ways to find them. Let me share one.

====> One Way to Find Sites to Submit to

Simply search on your “target keyword phrase + articles”. And don’t forget the quotes. Doing so tells Google to return all pages with both the keyword phrase and the word articles on them. This should return a healthy list of sites in that keyword niche that host articles.

Now you want to do this search in Internet Explorer with the Google toolbar turned on.

At each site visit a few article pages that have been around for awhile. (Sometimes sites will show the date posted. Other times you just have to kinda guess which might have been there longer.) Keep an eye on the PR of those pages. Checking out three or four such pages should give you an idea of the PR potential. Note the highest PR you find on your tracking sheet.

Also take note if the links in the resource box are live or not.

Once you run through the first list try another focus keyword. Or try a related niche. Just be aware you’ll start to see peats and repeats.

Still don’t stop until you’ve got a nice starter list of 25-30 sites that have higher PR and a live link back.

After you’ve got your list write the best, most informative, helpful article you can. No self promotion. No affiliate links. No hype whatsoever.

Then have at it. Submit it to the list you just developed.

If you’ve got a better than average article you can expect at least 10 or maybe even 15 out of 30 sites to post it. And you’re on your way. Just like that you’ve got 10-15 higher PR one way links. Which is probably more than most of your competitors have. And that’s just one article.

That’s right. Once you’ve got one article in motion, look for more sites. Write another high quality article. Submit it first to those who posted your previous article. They should be your favored class and get first crack at your new one. Then submit it to the rest.

Pretty simple isn’t it? Yet this pretty much lays out how I get 50+ high PR one way links each month. Now you can too.

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