How to get directories to submit your site – with this 5 steps guide!

So you have completed that new site and want to start your site promotion campaign by getting listed in some directories?
Well,definitely a good idea, because those directories will provide you the initial thrust needed for visibility of your
web site. But then how do you find those directories to submit your site to?

No need to despair! Help is at hand! , allow this simple 5 steps guide help you out with your campaign:

1. Check out your competitions back links. Your competition is
sure to have got links from some directories. Try to get into those first.

2. Do a search in Google (the most obvious one!) using keywords like ‘submit+site+directory’. You will come up with many directories for your site. And you can use your imagination to come up with new combination of keywords for searching in Google.

3. Do a search in Google with “allintitle:webdirectory”. I did a
search with these keywords and came up with some good directories. Or you can use “allinurl:webdirectory” also. The command
“allintitle:webdirectory” shows those sites which have “webdirectory” word in the site title. Similarly the command
“allinurl:webdirectory” shows those sites which have “webdirectory” in the site url.You can change “webdirectory” to
“internetdirectory” or any other keyword of your choice .

4. Visit various Search Engine related forums .In almost every such forum you will find some threads discussing directory sub-
missions. Follow such threads – dig deeper if needed! You will be aptly rewarded with lists of many directories posted by members
of these forums.

5. Visit some good directories like,,, and search for the ‘directories’ category. These prominent
directories provides lists of other good directories on the net.

Follow these simple 5 steps to get directories on your left, right, everywhere and set your promotion campaign rolling !

Have fun hunting for directories!

About the author:

Author: Lakhya Phukan

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