How To Leave Great Buyer Feedback.

So your buyer has paid on time, you’ve shipped them the item, and they’ve left you positive feedback. Everything is going great! You know that leaving your buyer some nice feedback will finish everything off, and make them glad they chose to buy from you.

When you see that little feedback box, though, you might find that you have no idea what to write to make your buyer happiest. Well, here’s a guide.

Don’t write “A++++++++”. Once upon a time, leaving grades on eBay buyers actually meant something. Now, though, writing an ‘A’ and filling the rest of the space with pluses seems to have become a common way of saying ‘good’. The meaning of the grades is gone entirely – no one ever leaves a B-, after all – so it’s a pretty useless thing to write. Try something more descriptive.

‘Prompt/fast/instant payment’. Did the buyer get on PayPal within hours or even minutes of winning the auction and pay you as quickly as they could? If they did, then your comment should include the words ‘prompt payment’. This is a big thing for buyers, as other sellers will really prefer to deal with someone they know will pay on time.

‘Great communication’. If you found the buyer was very responsive to all your emails, then point this out. It’s especially worth putting this if there was a problem that you had to overcome, and the buyer was co-operative and easy to work with.

‘A pleasure to deal with’. If this was one of those very easy transactions where nothing went wrong, then you should put that the buyer was a pleasure to deal with, or ‘the way ebay should be’, or just a ‘great ebayer’.

‘Great as always’. When it’s the second or third time that the buyer has bought from you, make sure to point it out. The fact that they go back to the same seller more than once and build up a relationship is a good thing for them to have on their record.

The Main Rule: Praise to the Skies.

Think of anything good you have to say and try to fit as much of it as you can in that limited space. Don’t worry too much about punctuation. Here’s a good example comment: “Instant payment, great communication – excellent buyer!”.

As a side effect, this then gives you the power to leave slightly negative feedback for some buyers without actually having to make it negative, like this: “Paid quite quickly, communication fine”. Making very short, to-the-point comments also reflects badly on the buyer: if you just write “OK”, it means “I really wanted to leave a neutral or a negative”. Don’t do this if that’s not the meaning you intend.

Don’t spend too much time agonising over what to write in your feedback comments, though – the chances are you’ll be leaving hundreds every week. You might find it worthwhile to come up with a few standard ones for different situations, and use eBay’s Selling Manager to leave feedback in bulk.

Of course, before you can leave your buyer any feedback, you need to make sure they’ve paid you. Luckily getting your buyer to pay is easy, as eBay handle most of it for you. In the next email, we’ll take a tour of eBay’s checkout.

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Kirsten Hawkins is an Ebay and internet auction enthusiast from Nashville, TN. Visit more great tips on how to make the most from Ebay and other online auctions.

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