How to market your Home Business

Marketing, as contrasted with advertising, is a long-term enterprise. It takes a substantial amount of time compared to other efforts but is likely the most important aspect of your business. The first step in your marketing efforts should naturally be a plan. And the foundation of your marketing plan is a very specific goal that your Home Business is trying to achieve. This goal should be as vivid and well thought out as possible. Marketing is the force which will launch your Home Business toward your goal and make the best possible use of your budget in addition to the most effective use of your time, which is really your mosr precious assett.

When you work as an independent consultant or home business, you yourself are totally responsible for marketing your entity. In essence, there is not really a team to call upon for your marketing requirements. But you seek precisely the same result, which is enhaced awareness of the product or service offered by your specific Home-based Business. This being the case, then of course a certain quantity of salesmanship is needed in this hyper-competitive and global marketplace that we currently find ourselves in, regardless of the nature of your business.

Likely the single most overlooked element of this marketing and salesmanship is in the follow-up and follow-thru. There is follow up with your current base and also with your potential customers. The fact is that many businesses simply don’t follow up enouph with their customer base(don’t ask me why). When following up with your potential customers you should get a much better success ratio compared to when you initially contacted them. And by no means should you not follow up more than one time if needed.

You will need to choose the time intervals that you would like to follow up with your customers/prospects. You want your prospect to not forget about you and to have sufficient time to look over your offer. You also should have a tracking system of some style already in place. Be ready to send in more information when asked for it.

It is so very important to retain your customers since it generally costs a lot of time and/or money for every new customer. Cross selling or back-end selling is also crucial for this reason.

There are actually many ways you can go about marketing your Home-based Business which are either free or ultra low cost. A good place to start is in Jay Conrad Levinsons’ Guerrilla Marketing series of books. It is no secret that a key to growing a business, and especially a new Home Business, is marketing. The internet, for example is full of these free or low cost methods.
Offline marketing methods that are low cost include distributing newsletters with your product or service and contact number listed inside, trade shows, brochures and bulletin boards to name just a few.

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